Corporate pharmacist escapee 💊

To 7-figure inbound sales strategist & YouTuber 

In 2o18, I quit pharmacy.

After dedicating over 12 years of my life to becoming a pharmacist and climbing the corporate ladder, I had enough.

So I took the leap of faith and quit after my dad passed away in search of a better oath.

But right after saying goodbye to my prestigious six-figure career, I was back at square one, making $100 / month as a YouTuber.

While mastering the art of talking to a camera by myself for hours, I dug deeper into the world of digital marketing and inbound sales.

So I invested in a few online programs and thought it would be easy to land a client. After all, the “gurus” promised that this was a high-demand lucrative business model of the century, right?

They were wrong.

I went 6 months without finding a client & making <$300 / month.

The gurus weren’t completely wrong. 

Digital marketing and inbound sales roles were in high demand for experienced sales professionals, not beginners.

Some of my friends and colleagues quit, but I was determined to figure something out. I remember months when I was “getting by”, making <$300 / month from YouTube.

To be honest, these were some of the loneliest times. I didn’t have too many people that could relate. But luckily the girl I was dating gave me the emotional reassurance that everything would work out.

Then the big moment happened.

I landed a ClickFunnels 2 comma club client, which was growing rapidly and scaling. It was time to say hello to the five-figure paydays, right? Wrong.

A month into the contract, I almost got fired. The truth was that everything I learned in the “guru” program failed miserably and wasn’t working.

In less than a year, I scaled my client’s business from 6 to 7 figures after almost getting fired.

If I wanted this to work, I needed to learn this industry fast.

So I made friends with the top performers, reverse-engineered their process, and read 90% of the sales and digital marketing books on Amazon.

And because I knew how to learn from my pharmacy career, I cracked the code. And in less than 10 months, I scaled the business with my partner to $1.2 million in top-line revenue.

The crazy thing? We consistently outperformed salespeople with over 20 years of experience.

My secret sauce was incorporating the soft skills of healthcare into the entrepreneur world and using a more personalized, professional, neuroscience-based approach to business.

So I started sharing my lessons, mistakes, and experiences of what I was learning online as a newbie on YouTube. And something crazy happened…

My YouTube started going viral.

As I was learning how to make content, opportunities started opening up.

At first, business owners started reaching out to me for consulting, client opportunities, and joint ventures.

But then I started getting Instagram DM’s and emails from viewers internationally.

Some of them had questions. Others related to the topics I was talking about and wanted to connect.

Whether it was about my business struggles, being single at 30, breakups, or losing a parent, I connected with like-minded people.

That’s when I realized the world doesn’t need another “guru”. 

They need a friend, who they can trust and guide them with real-life experience. 

Education needs to change.

The truth is times have changed. We don’t have settle anymore.  There’s more opportunity than ever in the digital age.

The problem? College never prepared us for these opportunities.

Chances are you’ve gone the safe route. You pursued a professional career, went to college, and earned a six-figure salary. You might even have the home of your dreams or that Tesla sitting in your garage.

Even though technically you have “everything”, there’s something. You’re not completely happy. And you don’t know what it is.

Here’s the bad news. No one can (or should) tell you the answer. 

The good news? 

You won’t have to quit your job tomorrow, invest in a guru course, or go on an ayahuasca trip to South America “soul searching”.

That “missing piece” is already deep inside of you, but it takes time to uncover it. Most of the time, it means getting paid for doing what we love.

And that’s where I’m here to help. I’m here to share what’s worked for me and help you along the way.

Who I am 👋

Today I run Refugee Hustle. Think college, but for real life.

We create practical education helping entrepreneurial creators get paid doing what they love.

Growing up, I was inspired by my grandmother buying her one-way boat ticket for a shot at the American dream. 

If someone like her, without English, education, or support, can come to a new country and still be successful, then anyone can change their life.

And this is what I call the Refugee Hustle. This is the mindset we adopt to always find a way through resourcefulness and creative thinking – no matter how shitty the situation.

And oftentimes entrepreneurship or building our ideal lifestyle feels the same. To be honest, it’s intimidating leaving something familiar. Plus, change often doesn’t happen overnight.

So if you’re on the path to building a happier, more productive life by finding work that you love, you’re not alone.

My mission is simple 🚀

To lead the next generation by teaching creatives how to help, impact, and serve people through getting paid to do what we love with high-quality work.

Traditional education and 9-5’s are slow to change and where our good ideas and innovative thinking go to die. But how different would our lives be if we embrace and drive change instead? 

By focusing on doing work we love and meeting others who are doing the same, we not only maximize revenue, but we create a lifestyle that offers control of time, income, and impact that aligns with our values. 

Our core belief is this: If we want to live like no one else, we need to wipe the slate clean and begin with bold, radical thinking.


Finding work that you love, getting paid for it, and balancing the responsibilities of adulting while keeping your mental sanity is a lot. But you're not alone.

I've gone (and still) go through the stages of wondering why I'm constantly burnt out, unhappy, exhausted, and uninspired even after graduating pharmacy school, landing my 7-figure dream clients, and getting millions of views on my YouTube.

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