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Hey, I’m Kevin Yee.

I’m a former pharmacist, YouTuber, and Full Stack Digital Marketing and High Ticket Sales Strategist.

I’m also the founder of Refugee Hustle, Kickass Investing, Kaizen Closing, YouTube Marketing Consulting, and content creator for my YouTube channel. My work has reached over 2.2 million views and 12,500 subscribers on YouTube.

I’ve appeared on the Pharmacy Podcast Network, Sales Evangelist Podcast, and some of your favorite YouTuber’s channels. Click here to learn more about me and my work

You can also find me on YouTube and Instagram. 

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My readers include young professionals looking to escape work they hate to transition into a kickass life that they can be proud of.

By helping my readers with building digital assets, performance, and friendships, it is my vision to create future compassionate leaders who can inspire generations to come.

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