Traplord Kevin here.

Recently I’ve been checking out this mudda beauty over here:

I can’t believe this is a library

Unfortunately as the library was closing (I know I’m a nerd), I rushed and didn’t pack my hard drive securely in my bag.

It wasn’t until I threw my bag in my car when I saw my hard drive sitting on the pavement.

It’s probably still working right? Wrong.

I plugged in my hard drive… buzz… beep… beep… beep. 

Fuck. That’s when I knew all my videos, images, and hours of porn was now gone.

True story

The part that sucked ass the most? This was my backup drive that rarely left the house.

When was  your last dumbass moment that you could have prevented?

Whenever I look at moments like these I’m like…

gun fail

… I’m so stupid.

It’s easy to let those negative thoughts take over. But instead of replaying what we should have done, what if we could use those mistakes to move us forward?

So I wanted to share 3 things that I learned fucking up my hard drive. LETS GO.

1. Shit happens. We’re human.

From an early age, we are conditioned through school that mistakes are the worst thing in the world.

Bad grades? Get ready to be homeless.

homeless asian dad

But realistically have you ever met someone who is “perfect” and never fucks up? Do girls poop? Of course. Everyone shits the bed at some point… literally.


As much as you try to prepare, unexpected things always pop up. So it’s important to have a backup plan when shit hits the fan.


Start a “mistakes account. I automatically deposit $100/month into my account. 

Mistakes account

Highlight from my Ally account

…and especially with data recovery costing $500+, I’m wicked grateful for this account.

2. Mudda bullshit can slow us down, but can’t stop us.

No lie. Losing my drive sucked.

  • It stopped my video editing for YouTube.
  • It took up time finding a place for data recovery
  • It made me feel like shit

Regardless of how you feel, you ultimately control whether bullshit holds you back or moves you forward.

cant stop wont stop

Losing my hard drive forced me think of other ways to use my time. 

  • No videos? No problem. I learned how to live stream on YouTube.
  • It forced me to look at Cloud options like Dropbox Business.
  • I read books on how to better strategize for productivity.
Breaking down your passion live

Iron Chef China homie

What I learned was that obstacles, limitations and bullshit, force creativity.

3. Mistakes can be a productivity hack… or a time dump 

Have you seen people who start “working out”, but then end up sleeping late, missing gym sessions, overeating, and then hating themselves for it?

Diet fail

…only to find them repeat the same cycle over again year after year?

If you don’t change, you simply won’t grow. Who wants to waste time on fucking up on the same things over and over again?

Wouldn’t you rather spend that time making more money, traveling, or spending it with good people?

money gun


Keep it simple. Even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. 

Because going through this mudda bullshit again? It’s not worth it.

It’s okay to fuck up

Don’t get it twisted. I never wanted to drop my hard drive… but am I going keep to stressing over it? Hell no. 

Everyone has their bad days. I’m human like everyone else… but unlike a lot of other people, you can change how you view your mistakes. Bad days can open your eyes to see the opportunity in all situations.


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