What up Refugee Hustlers,

Trap lord Kevin here.

I remember back in high school, I was asked… What is your passion? What makes you happy? This question drove me crazy… simply because I had no idea. How many of you feel like this?

Yours truly. Sophomore year high school

Yours truly. Sophomore year high school

Today I have a question from Claira about passion.

Hey there! I’m a frequent viewer of your youtube channel 🙂

I saw your video about you during your freshmen year in university, and you were on academic probation, but you still managed to pull through and make it into pharmacy school and graduate. I found that very inspiring! 

I have a lot of anxiety and panic thinking about what I want to do with my life, I’m confused, and scared. I still don’t know what is my why, my drive, or my passion. I don’t know how to find it. I’m not doing so hot in school either, and I don’t know how to study efficiency, and handle work, social life and everything else. I just wanted to know what were some tips that helped you excel in university, since you made it and you’re successful now. 

I think this would help some viewers out too. Thanks for keeping it real man, I admire your hustle and enjoy your videos a lot! 🙂


Want to know something?

I never had a moment where I woke up just knowing my passion. 

It’s sometimes overwhelming to think “OMG WHAT IS MY PASSION”. It’s stressful to have all that pressure to figure out just one idea.

Maybe you’re like me and you have a lot of interests like…

Maybe you like jiujitsu.

Maybe you like first person shooters like Counter Strike GO.

Make up does wonders

…Or maybe you like watching makeup transformations on YouTube (guilty)

Sometimes we just get overwhelmed because we have too many options.

So what do you do? Try instead thinking about a life theme.

For me, I have no freaking clue what I will want or do in 10-30 years. I have an idea, but we’re always changing as people right? What I wanted when I was 10 is COMPLETELY different than today. Okay maybe I lied… still looking for that holographic charizard =/

Holo charizard

Not about dat life

But what I know is that throughout my whole life, I’ve always been most fulfilled with people, relationships, and mentorships… basically helping people be the “best version of themselves”… as corny as that sounds. 

When you have a life theme or a strong “why”, you literally can do anything. What you do will always change. Why you do things doesn’t. 

Taco Tuesday with some Cal State Long Beach students after a talk… BALLINNNN

But how do you find that?

1. Talk to your friends

My self confidence was always shit. I never thought I was good at anything. But that was all in my head. So I just asked my close friends… what am I good at? 

They said… you’re really good with friendships and meeting people.

Be mah friend… please?

Ironically this was something I thought I was awkward with and sucked at. What I realized is that your friends can reveal strengths that you never knew you had. It helps to get another perspective because we can be wicked hard on ourselves (yes I’m from Boston).  

2. Look at things you could be good at

Worst case scenario? If it turns out you’re not good at anything, what are things that you think you could be good at?

If you suck at everything, hustle. Nothing beats practice. It comes down to blood, sweat, and years.

Chris Jones couldn’t of said it better himself

3. Finally stop looking for passion

Shocker. I know. The solution might NOT to find your passion. Sometimes what we’re good at becomes our passion.

PASSION ≠ MAKE IT RAIN $$$… or success. You don’t need to find your passion to be successful. It might help, but at the end of the day passion is a tool.

I hope this takes some of the anxiety off Clara!

Trap lord signing out,

Kevin Yee

What other questions do you have for us? 

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