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Subject: No Self Love/Confidence is ruining my high school life.

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Hey whats up guys? I’m a high school senior and I’m not very happy with my situation right now. I came to a new school to meet new people and to be around a new environment. Nobody really knows who I am, they might know my name or just someone you see to have small talks with, but nobody knows me from the inside and out.  I don’t have much friends at all. Im a really awkward quiet person, afraid to come out of its shell and express its true self.  I feel alone and almost a social outcast. Its funny because I should be someone thats really happy, I’m super athletic and everyone tells me that, people tell me “you’re so smart”, or your talented, and I’m a spoiled brat (honestly). But even with all those compliments, I’m still not happy. it’s like I SHOULD LOVE MYSELF but I DONT. I’ve never been a bully, I was always a nice friendly kid that was approachable, but now all of a sudden as i get to middle school, things changed for me.

I want to be a free spirit, a person who doesn’t hold anything back, someone you can easily talk to and want to hang out with. Before it was so easy to make friends in elementary school, now its so hard. I’ve had plenty of chances to be friends with people but I always make things awkward and fuck up the potential relationship. I want to be able to talk to girls I’m attracted to and hopefully get a prom date or something.  I just want a great circle of friends that i love and enjoy to be around with and be able to talk any mutherpucker out there.

Thanks you guys. Keep up the good work!