Hey guys!

I am 19, going on 20 year old, male from a small southern town. I am a high school drop out, young father with a 3 year old. His mother and I are separated. I was also bullied in school due to being the over weight shy quiet kid who struggled with depression. I have had jobs here and there and all in restaurants which I do not recommend to anyone because IT IS SOME MUDDA BULLSHIT!

I got screwed over every time to one point I was making $17.00 every two weeks… YES this is in america. So I decided fuck this! I don’t want to work for a society where someone is in charge of me and can control me like a puppet doing whatever they want. I want to be my own boss and make money being my own boss because unless I am stupid… I can’t screw myself over. BUT I don’t even know where to begin. Joe, I hope you read this because I was inspired by you to take this step to even want to pursue my own career. Your story is truly inspiring, from one man to another help me out.

Thank you I appreciate any advice you can give me


Justin (a young man from southern Indiana with a dream)

Whether it’s negative or positive: Das da mudda boolshit bitch

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You’re in a tough situation but I love your desire to make something of yourself. I am proud of you for not giving up and having that fight inside of ya!

Here is what I recommend you do.

Use some basic math skills to calculate what you need to survive. BASICS… A lot of us confuse what we NEED and what we WANT.

BASICS: Housing, Food, Transportation, Communication.

The basic things that will keep you alive and getting from point A-B, your job. IF you don’t have a car, calculate bicycle or a bus pass.

Example: PER MONTH

Rent payment (renting a room): $300

Food: Find an average of what you spend a month. Depending where you live, in LA its easy to spend hundreds a month, but you’re in indiana so maybe $200 is reasonable for groceries?

Transportation: Cost of bus pass, gas money or car payments. Lets say $200

Communication: Internet $40 (obviously you got online), phone $40

Now total that up, we got like $780.

Immediately find a job that can get you at least that much a month. Then when you find that, I want you to get these books.

Rich dad poor dad – Robert Kiyosaki

Cashflow quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki

Start With Why – Simon Sinek

I Will Teach You To Be Rich -Ramit Sethi 

Give yourself time to learn these things and come back to me months later when you do.

Good luck!