Today for Ask RH we have Liam asking Joe how to travel the world, get started on YouTube, and get duh sexy body.


Within the foreseeable future of my life, I have 3 main goals that I wish to achieve.

Goal 1: Get a leaner, and fitter body to improve my health and how I look.

Goal 2: Have a successful YouTube channel, that I can upload frequently on.

Goal 3: Travel to many different places around the world.

How would you go about doing all these things at once, any advice given to me is greatly appreciated.




1. I would work on my fitness and health because that should always be #1. Without health you can’t do anything else proper. You’re going to need as much energy, all physically. mentally and emotionally to tackle on the greatness you set yourself to achieve. Also, itll make you look great and it will help affect your camera presence on yt. Make this the first thing you do when you wake up.



2. Just upload NOW and learn as you go, study the greats, study as much as you can. When you start getting views and people like who you are, it will lead to traveling.


Filming a shit ton of episodes for @askthefeels …. Do you guys like the new channel?

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3. Traveling is easy, you just gotta come up with the money or if you don’t, do what we did. Get asked to come to different places. Sure we don’t get to choose where we go, it depends on the demand of audience who wants to see us. Anyways, this is still fun and I still travel the world. You can always make youtube videos out of traveling too!

This is how I would go by doing this all at once.

Have fun on your adventure and send me videos!