No lie. It the biggest relief posting this up on my Facebook.

Leaving CVS Facebook

Today marks my “liberation” from CVS pharmacy. Instead of rushing out of my house at 5 AM trying to beat LA traffic, I stayed in bed watching documentaries about wormholes (thank you Interstellar) and went on Pornhub. Now I’m working on Refugee Hustle at a local cafe. Life is good.

Working in a local cafe

Working in a local cafe after a PornHub session

Back to you.

Imagine waking up, stuck at a job that brings out the worst in you. You’re unappreciated for your hard work. That vacation you requested? Denied… AGAIN. Dinner plans with friends? Forget about it… especially with long work hours. You go to bed feeling frustrated and stressed knowing that something’s missing… but you don’t know what. The WORST part is that you probably worked your ass off in school for this shitty ass job. Sound familiar?

Remember THIS.

Fun Quote Tim Ferriss

Conversely, if you aren’t having fun, YOU ARE WASTING TIME. Waiting one year to see if things get better is no joke. Hell… my last 2 weeks at CVS felt like forever. Think about it like this. Unlike money, time is a non-renewable resource. We can’t make more time. One more day being miserable, is just one more day that you could have spent having fun.

I’m not asking you to quit your job immediately. Chances are you’re like me with massive amount of student debt. What I’m asking you is go into life with a playful mindset. Stop beating yourself up for every mistake. Stop telling yourself “I don’t have enough time“. If I could find the time to strategize an exit strategy with a 4 hour commute, you can too.  This is what I want Refugee Hustle to be about… getting shit DONE while having FUN. This is the non-bullshit way to be a positive person and to be happy. 

Just take a second. Imagine what it would be like leaving… clocking out for the last time.

Last day at CVS! #pharmD #CVSlife #notaboutthatlife

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PS… If you’re wondering on how I did it, stay tuned.