How often do you think about end of life planning for your parents?

If you’re like me, then there’s a good chance you never talked about it with your family. I mean after all, it’s not exactly something you bring up in a “dinner conversation” with your family.

But then that moment we’ve all been dreading happens.

In 2018, my dad was rushed to the hospital and I rushed back home from Los Angeles to Boston after a heart attack.

And next thing you know, he was gone, leaving my family and I to pickup the pieces and figure out – what do we do now that dad’s gone?

There’s so many moving parts. And the hardest part is that you’re trying to grieve at the same time so you’re not in the position to make sound decisions.

After going through probate and spending thousands of dollars, I quickly realized this –

End of life planning is something that you don’t realize you need until it actually happens

The thing is you don’t want to “think” when your loved one passes. And sometimes you need help, but you don’t know – what do I need help with?

The best thing to do is prepare before it actually happens.

Do you need help keeping everything organized for end of life planning?

To help more people out I decided to create a full checklist, workbook, and guide to help people through this process of preparing for end of life.

  • *IMPORTANT: You will need to duplicate this checklist with Notion. Notion is free – you can signup for account here.
  • *Update 6/21/20* – This guide is about 50% done at the moment. Planning to complete this by the end of this month.

Click here for free End of Life Checklist here 📋

Feel free to share it with a friend and family too. Everyone will have to go through this at some point in their life whether planning for their own end of life or a loved ones.

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Keep hustlin,

Kevin Yee