Think about your childhood. You probably watched Jurassic Park and wanted to be an archeologist or a Power Ranger trying to save and change the world. Everyone wanted to the red/pink ranger. It was fun. We weren’t worried about being “realistic”. The possibilities were endless. So… WTF happened?

Let’s rewind for a second. What is stopping you guys from living out your interests, hobbies, or passions?

“I’ve had my passion stripped away by others for so long that I can’t remember what drives me.”

“I’m lacking direction in my life.”

“I have trouble finding something to be passionate about.”

“I don’t even know what my passion is. And I think that if I find what it is, living in my environment won’t give much opportunities to pursue them.”

Can you relate to this? You aren’t alone. These are REAL statements from people that feel the same way. I’ve felt lost MULTIPLE times throughout my life. And what did I do? I felt paralyzed and overwhelmed… so I did nothing. Time was ticking. I would wake up lost and feeling guilty because I didn’t know what I wanted. Then it hit me… there must be a better way.

Here’s what I do WHEN I feel lost… It’s GOING to happen. Your interests and passions will change as you grow. Back when I was a kid, I was pretty passionate about Pokemon. Not so much anymore.

You can do this in an hour or less. Even if you don’t find your passion, it’ll help you get closer to it and we can work from there.

  • GTFO of bed. Shower. Don’t look homeless.
  • Yelp the closest Barnes and Noble/bookstore
  • Explore and wander the shelves. Which sections do you find yourself gravitating to? (For me, I gravitate toward the sex, health, money, self help sections)
  • (Extra credit) Approach a stranger. Ask them about what their reading. Treat them out to coffee. Maybe they can open your eyes up to something. Worst case scenario, they say no and you move on with your life.
  • Repeat this process every weekend as needed.

So once you get all this information, what do you do with it? Google and YouTube the top people in those industry. How do they make their living? What are people doing and how are they doing it? Who can you reach out to?

Have fun with this! We’re doing a few things here.

  • Creating a system to get you closer to your ideal lifestyle
  • Meeting and creating a new social circle of like-minded people
  • Taking control of your own success. No more waiting for the answer to just “fall in your lap”
  • Changing the dynamic from being overwhelmed into creating an adventure and exploring #doratheexplorer

In just one hour, you’ll have a better idea of your interests and passions. Appreciate the process, not the product. Stepping out the house is already a huge step. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t found the answer yet. Keep trying and you eventually figure it out. Comment with your results or email us.

Kevin Yee