Are you going bald at 30?

Chances are if you’re reading this article – you’re going bald at 30. I want to help you. And don’t worry. There’s no affiliate link or sponsor at the end of this. I’m just a stranger on the internet going through the same thing 😊

How many of you are willing to spend $240 a month on medication just to save your hair?

Back when I was a pharmacist, my patients paid out of pocket for brand name Propecia just to save their hair. It was Hollywood after all.

Hair care is a big business. A quick google search tells me that it’s a 15 BILLION dollar industry. That’s a lot of freaking money.

At the time, I didn’t really get it. Why would you waste so much money on hair? 

Growing up I always had really thick hair. My dad used to run his fingers through my hair and said “wow – it feels like a carpet“.

Damn – I miss dad.

And then it happened to me.

It started three years ago. My friend pointed out that my hairline was receding. At the time, I didn’t think too much of it. After all I could still do my crazy designs 🙃

But over time, I started noticing bald spots on my Instagram and Facebook pictures.

So I bought some ketoconazole shampoos, argan oil, zinc, and biotin supplements. I even quit pharmacy, hoping that the decrease in stress would help me from going bald at 30.

None of it worked. In fact, it got worse.

I knew shit wasn’t working.

My barber started recommending using certain hair growth shampoos. My Chinese mom’s started commenting more about “how it’s not genetics”, to not stress about business, and drink more “Chinese soups”. SMH.

Like a lot of people, I didn’t want to go down the whole hair plugs route. And I wasn’t down with the whole medication route with the erectile dysfunction life.

How ironic. The pharmacist who’s against medications 💊

So I sat there feeling frustrated. Not because I was losing my hair, but because everyone, especially my mom, felt like they had a opinion.

Hair loss is a lot like in life and business

There’s a lot of people who want to help, but you shouldn’t take everyone’s advice, especially if they don’t have the “results” your looking for. 

So I recently sat down and asked myself – what do you want Kevin?

The truth was I just wanted people to just shut up and let me be. To be honest, I didn’t really care about my hair. It’s just pieces of keratin.

Sure – it was fun doing all those designs over the last 5 years, but like all things in life, everything comes to an end.

So I surrendered into my hair loss and shaved my head.

If you’re going bald at 30, let me ask you this

Do you remember the changes as a teenager? Maybe you remember your voice getting deeper. Or hair growing in certain places.

But what if going bald at 30 was a sign of maturity? What would that look like?

Let’s be honest – there’s a lot of bad ass people who rock baldness like a boss. I immediately think of people like GSP, the Rock, or Jeff Bezos. When I look at them I think of one thing.

It’s never the hair that defines you. You define you.

So don’t let the hair define us. Define yourself. Imagine – what would that look like?

Take care,

Kevin Yee

PS… If you’re struggling with baldness, I would love to hear your story in the comments.

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