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In a saturated pharmacy market,  there comes a point when you get used to being rejected.

Rejection letter from Pharmacy RH

This was the biggest mind fuck ever.

As you guys knew I was extremely unhappy with my job at CVS.

I was doing what most people were doing… whoring out my resume through job employment sites and hoping for the best (horrible career advice btw). I felt “productive”, but how many times did I get an interview? Forget about that… how many times did I ever get a response?

After spending days applying to over 100 job positions, I only heard back from oneAnd that ONE interview that I had? I was sure that I would get the job. Then one week passed by… then two weeks. I shot a follow up email to my interviewer. Still no response. I realized I wasn’t going to hear back. Silence was the worst feeling ever.

What was going on? Why weren’t people selecting me… or even just giving me an answer?

I wasn’t the center of people’s world. Most people get caught up in their world. Sometimes people don’t have the time to tell you why you weren’t selected. Maybe they didn’t need to fill that position anymore… or they just found a better candidate. At the end of the day, it’s important not to take rejection personally and to control what you can.

You’re probably thinking… What can I control even if someone says no?

No is just a starting point. In fact, people’s first response will be no majority of the time. It’s our job to prepare for someone to say no. When people say “no”, it is our responsibility to find out what their real problem is and to propose a solution. We can’t control people’s decisions, but what we can help influence them.

So what did I do?

Outreach to Ralph's

The result?

Ralph's offer letter RH

Now back to you. The reason I ended up getting the job was because I accepted my weaknesses when most people would of ran away. I’ll be honest… the truth hurts… but what hurts more is making the same mistake again and not getting what you deserve. Weaknesses are opportunities to overcome adversity. The point of this to not give up. When people say no, it gives a chance to show our true selves. This is how you stand out. The worst case scenario is silence, but at least you can say that you tried your best.


It is our responsibility to show what we have to offer