138/89… fuck

Kevin here.

I started panicking at the doctor’s office. Despite being active, it was apparent that my family history of high blood pressure was kicking my ass.


“So you have two choices. Go on meds or lose weight.”


I didn’t want to be like my patients. You start on off with one med then next thing you know….


Fuck that.

It’s different when you’re the case study

If you’re in pharmacy school then you’re probably familiar with case studies. It usually looks something like this…



Back in school when I would study from a textbook, I was only focused on passing the exam. I forgot why I was learning this in the first place.

…until it was my own numbers. Shit suddenly got real.

I had a choice

… and taking medication wasn’t one of them. So I called my trainer and started a keto diet to drop weight (low carbs, moderate fat and protein).

Only problem? I tried keto in college and failed miserably. The pizza cravings were real.


…but I was coming back 10 years older and wiser and my life literally was depending on it.

Instead of replying on willpower, I started thinking of solutions I would actually stick with… My secret? In-N-Out.

…wait what?

Best thing about In-N-Out? You never get sick of it. Because you can literally customize anything, it’s great for macros… and your wallet.

20110228-in-n-out-secret-menu - 19

My order? 4 Flying Dutchmans (ask for no salt).

Throw this with some steamed veggies, fish oil, and coconut oil and you got a healthy keto diet for about $10-15 a day.

Keto MFP

Is it perfect? Nope. But the best solution is whatever you’ll stick with. 

Rather than lie to myself and say I’m going to cook everyday, I’m honest with myself. I know I’m tired and lazy after work. Don’t do lie.


After four weeks of “dieting”…

I dropped from 207 to 193.8 lbs and my blood pressure is normal now.

Weight loss

After having the shit scared outta of me, I’m actually grateful for having high blood pressure. When I first thought about dieting, I thought…

No more cheeseburgers. Time to eat some bland shit. This is going to suck ass.

salad koala

…but it doesn’t have to be this way. Obstacles are opportunities to figure out the path of least resistance (like how I based my diet off In-N-Out).

Finally if I always had normal blood pressure, I wouldn’t have learned as much. So when mudda bullshit comes your way, embrace the suck. It’s a good thing.

Let me ask you. What things are stopping you from getting what you want? Leave a comment down below.