How many of you had an opportunity where you were scared shitless and automatically said no?

Recently I was offered pharmacy manager.


I’ve been a pharmacist for 2 years and declined manager position 4 times. Why? I saw managers drowning in paperwork, working on action plans to improve “the numbers”, and PRAYING that the Board of Pharmacy wouldn’t come knocking at the door. 

And here I was… getting asked a fifth time. And for some reason, I decided to think about it a little more

… and I came to this realization.

I have a fear of making the “wrong” decisions in my life.

One of the reasons why pharmacy school felt like the “right” choice was because of the money and stability. I always knew money wasn’t everything, but at the same time money provided opportunities.

Imagine not having enough money to pay for your mom’s cancer chemotherapy or being too broke to pay for your child’s tuition after they were accepted to Harvard? How disappointed would you feel? The fear of becoming pharmacy manager, losing that money and stability, and not being able to provide felt very real to me.

We’re human. I’m not perfect. What would happen if I failed to notice something that I was responsible for? The Board of Pharmacy could fine me up the ass or even worse… take away my pharmacy license that that costed 180k and 7 years in school. I would literally have to suck dick on the street to make ends meet. Not about that life.

The struggle is real

But what was this fear really costing me?

In reality, I was looking at this the wrong way.

There are a lot of responsibilities with any management role, but this was a great opportunity to refine my leadership skills. As a staff pharmacist, I just wasn’t growing. I forgot what it was like being thrown into the spiral of doom and how much I could learn through that struggle. Whether it’s entrepreneurship, pharmacy, or anything in life, you have to be vulnerable and fail to be great. Accepting this opportunity was a great way to routinely test my fears.

With every great success story comes stories of failure

What if the worst case scenario ACTUALLY happens?

We typically obsess on WORST case scenarios and forget about the benefits of taking risk. That fear of failure paralyzes us from growth. We forget how much we grow from the grind. In fact, most worse case scenarios never happen… and if it does happen, we forget that we can recover from it. We can adapt to the unexpected.

Can’t make a decision about an opportunity? Use this simple solution.

Relax and ask yourself 2 things.

1. Will I grow from this?
2. Am I scared?

Did you answer yes? Take it. Seize that opportunity by the BALLS.

As long as you can grow from the opportunity, you can’t lose. Some choices are more painful than others, but living in fear and staying stagnant is no way to live. Life always involves involves some risk. How can you improve yourself if you’re always doing the same things?

Finally I want to ask you something.

Maybe it’s leaving your 9-5 job. Maybe it’s starting a YouTube channel. Maybe it’s pursuing a new career. What is one opportunity that scares the fuck out of you? Write it down below in the comment section.

Tim Ferriss quote

When in doubt, remember this.

Kevin Yee

PS I’m writing this article to you as a pharmacy manager… BOSS.

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