Kevin here.

When was the last time you had to deal with a negative person?

…like a wild ditto from Pokemon, they appear in all sorts of forms.

ditto pikachu

Bootleg pikachu on deck

Sometimes it’s a hater, bully, or someone that wants to just ruin our day.

First hater comment

Other times it could be someone who cares a lot about us… like a nagging Asian mom who says “You’re too fat!” 

Asian mom

“Don’t waste food… Why are you so fat?”

…then throws more food on your plate and says you don’t eat enough. 

You can’t win

Even though they might care about us, we still end up drained and exhausted because we focus so much on negativity. It sucks ass. 

No lie. I didn’t know how to deal with YouTube comments. I felt like….

  • I wanna fuck up these mudda assholes
  • Why duh hell are those people bothering me? 
  • I wanted help these people
Responding to haters

Trying to play Captain Save-a-ho

If you’re struggling with negative people in your life, here’s three things I’ve learned from YouTube and my personal life.

1. Engagement is your choice

The other day I got this Facebook message.

Rude ass people

Before you stop and ask yourself. Is there anything good that can come from responding to this person?

When you respond to negative people, you are emotionally validating them. You are telling them subconsciously… they” matter.

they shirt

…and they’re right if you let them.

This is your life. You don’t have any obligation to respond. You don’t owe shit to them. You weren’t put on this planet to please them. Fuck that. 

If you have to talk to them, limit the time spent with them. Tell them you’re busy. If it’s unavoidable, set a time constraint.

Need to take a shit

Best excuse ever.

Your goal? Spend as little time with them as possible…which leads me to my next point.

2. Every minute spent on a hater is robbing your success.

When I picked up my first DSLR and GoPro and started talking to the camera, I was wicked nervous. 

As embarrassing as it was talking to a camera in public, YouTube connected me to people that I would never would have met in real life.

Webcam stitch

…and thats when I realized it felt great helping people around the world even while I was sleeping.

But imagine if I spent the same amount of time talking to this mudda ass.

You suck

…how am I supposed to argue with this?

While haters choose to spend time trying to make my life miserable, I choose to focus that energy on helping people.

You're a bitch

Let’s say you live 75 years. You spend 25 years sleeping…leaving you 438,000 hours. What do you want to spend those hours on?

3. Haters are a good thing

When I first started YouTube, I was like… Fuck. Reading these comments suck ass. But then the King of Joemalia sat me down.

King of Joemalia

If you have haters that a good thing. Joe was right. Almost every successful person and public figure has at least one hater.

Major key alert


If you have haters, it’s an indicator that you’re doing something right. Instead of thinking… FuckI have another person that is talking shit. Stop.

It’s an opportunity to choose who and what kind of life you want. Don’t let people who don’t matter in your life. You don’t them anything… not even an explanation.

Just like LA traffic… you just learn how to deal with it.

Traffic is the perfect analogy for haters. It’s annoying, wastes time, and makes us frustrated. Sometimes there’s none at all… other times it’s everywhere. Either way you control what you can (like waking up early) and making the best out of it.

LA traffic

Finally when you do run into haters… Ignore them and focus on the positive. Keep screenshots of your accomplishments on your desktop. Write down things you’re grateful for. Send an email or text to people that have helped you in the past.

Thank you screenshot folder

At the end of the day the biggest fuck you to these haters is that they’re wrong… I’m successful. I’m changing lives. I do matter. And there’s nothing they can do about it.

Eat a dick haters.


Wise words from thugnificent

For everyone reading this… thank you for support and kind words. Forever grateful. Bless up.


PS… one of 
Thank you letter