Have you ever woke up pissed? Im a grumpy morning person and sometimes it can effect the rest of my day to the point where I can’t even focus anymore.


It’s so crucial for us to get up in the right mood cause we all know how it can affect the rest of the day and we just can’t afford to have anything distract us from our hustle. So, I’m going to share with you my 5 different ways I start my day.

1. Good music

Just try blasting your favorite jam while you brush your teeth and get ready, tell me you’ll be pissed off. Try dancing while getting ready. Even in a rush, it helps! You need song recommendations for some music to get you in the right mood?

Hawaiian music: OH mudda boolshit something happen to me.

2. Gratitude

Think of things you’re grateful for, starting the day with a positive thought makes your day great.

Oh I’m thankful for my dog, warm bed, the simplest shit makes me happy as hell.

Everytime your mind sneaks in a negative thought, bounce back a positive one.

Motha fucka this fucking traffic boolshit moth fuckshit ass… is awesome because I can listen to da music and jam out baby! turn up!

3. Imagine a great future

Imagine all the fun stuff you will be doing… even if you got the shittiest thing coming right now, court, midterms, finals, going thru a break up, whatever. I want you to get into the mindset of letting positivity take over… seeing opportunity in everything. Whatever shit you’re going through is temporary. Growing pains. The sooner you accept this as apart of life, the stronger you’ll be as a person.

I like to imagine myself in hawaii, playing with my friends. I saw this before I even went to Hawaii. Playing on the beach, surfing, just away from all of this. Well, this imagination became a reality when I said to myself, LETS JUST GO!

Sometimes all it takes is just an imagination, before you know it, you’re living it. So make sure you imagine yourself living the life you want, cause I don’t know anyone that made it by being defeated by the present, I know a ton of people who made it by imagining a better future.

4. Action Plan

Sometimes we’re upset because we have no direction. A simple way to get some control back in our lives is writing a list of to do’s.

So, write what you have to do that day and how you’ll tackle them. It’s not so much just thinking about it but we have to put it into action, when we write these lists, we feel committed to completing them. We focus our energies on the task at hand and we can slowly chill out as the day passes because accomplishing things will make us feel good. Trust me, start checking off things on that to do list and tell me you don’t feel like a motha fuckin boss at the end of the day. JUST TELL ME!

5. Exercise: This helps me out tremendously, Instead of beating the fuck out of, I beat the fuck out of these weights, and you know after its all done, whatever i was mad at, whatever mood i was in, its gone. its a great way to start the day. and so worth it.

Alright guys so that was a quick hustle tip of how to start the day in a good mood. Sign up for the newsletter so you won’t miss out on anything.