Chances are you’ve heard your favorite YouTube strategist rave about the 1of10 Finder app.

Everyone from Film Booth, Colin and Samir, Think Media, and Aprilynne Alter is talking about it. They discuss how this “game-changing” app can help you:

  • Find your next video idea, title, and thumbnail faster
  • Save you hours of research
  • Identify trending outliers in your niche with just a click

But is it true? Or is your favorite YouTube guru just trying to cash in on that sweet 40% affiliate commission?

I’m here to bring it all together and give you the definitive review of 1of10 Finder.

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The Problems with Traditional YouTube Research

If you’re a creator, you’ve probably asked yourself: “How exactly do you get someone to click? What do the top YouTubers know that we don’t?”

Shout out to Aprilynne for raising these questions.

Here’s the real problem – finding viral YouTube videos takes way too long. Before apps like 1of10 Finder, the process was tedious:

  • Type in a random keyword from TubeBuddy in the search bar
  • Filter videos within the last year
  • Scroll endlessly to find that one “killer” thumbnail
  • Download VidIQ and compare views to subscriber ratio
  • Screenshot everything into a Google doc or save thumbnails on Pinterest

This whole process could take one to two days. It was cumbersome, and I hated it. Even outsourcing to Fiverr or Upwork often resulted in poor quality ideas.

But what if, with just one click, you could get the most viral videos on the platform?

This is where 1of10 Finder comes into play.

What is 1of10 Finder?

1of10 Finder is designed to help you find the top-performing videos on YouTube.

It aids in viral video research, generating video ideas, and performance tracking. Simply enter a keyword or select a niche, and it lists out videos which you can further filter.

Here’s a breakdown of some of its functions:

  • Advanced Filters: Narrow down your searches with precise criteria.
  • Competitor Tracker: Track a channel to keep an eye on creators you want to follow.
  • Thumbnail Vision Board: Save your favorite thumbnail designs for inspiration.
  • Topic Research: See what’s trending in your niche or area of interest.
  • Discord Community & Workshops: Share and get feedback on your titles and thumbnails.

1of10 Finder claims to save hours of time and boost your views by using data from high-performing videos. But is this true?

Pros of 1of10 Finder

Find Viral Content Fast

The “Mr. Beastification” of YouTube has led to a lot of recycled titles and thumbnails. Market research is crucial to avoid being just another copycat.

With 1of10 Finder, I can draw inspiration from other niches, find viral videos to understand what’s working, and identify unanswered questions in video comments.

This process used to take an entire day, but now I can get insights quickly, allowing me to focus on content packaging (title, thumbnail, topic).

Improve Titles, Thumbnails, and Ideas

Many new YouTubers make the mistake of filming before finalizing their title and thumbnail.

Think of your title and thumbnail as a movie trailer; they set the expectation for the video.

1of10 Finder helps you understand the look and feel of viral videos, learn implicit communication for thumbnails, and see common patterns to get inspiration from other niches.

Save Time with Advanced Filters

Before 1of10 Finder, manually filtering through videos was arduous.

Now, with advanced filters, I can easily find videos with a high view-to-subscriber ratio, recent uploads, and more.

This tool does the heavy lifting, allowing me to focus on the content.

Great for Teams

If you have a team, 1of10 Finder can be a game-changer.

It helps streamline the process by providing ideas for video strategists, thumbnail inspirations for designers, and editing tips for video editors.

This tool boosts productivity and ensures that everyone on the team is aligned and working efficiently.

Cons of 1of10 Finder

It’s Expensive

At $49/month or $349/year, 1of10 Finder isn’t cheap.

There’s no trial, which can be a deterrent. However, if you’re serious about YouTube, consider it an investment.

To break even, you need around 70,000 views a year with a $5 RPM.

Limited Categories

Initially, the app had limited categories, which wasn’t ideal.

While you can now add your own categories, more default options would be beneficial.

Syncing with your YouTube channel’s categories could be a great improvement.

Overwhelming at First

The app can be overwhelming for new users due to its many features.

Setting up customized filters, adding categories, and bookmarking thumbnails can help streamline the experience.

Compilation Videos

Sometimes, the search results include irrelevant compilation videos.

While these can be annoying, filtering options can help reduce their appearance.

How to Maximize 1of10 Finder

Here are some tips to get the most out of 1of10 Finder:

  1. Get the Free Chrome Extension: Even if you don’t buy the full app, the Chrome extension is useful for highlighting outliers and previewing thumbnails on the explore page.
  2. Set Up Filter Settings: Use advanced filters to narrow down your search. This saves time and ensures you’re seeing the most relevant videos.
  3. Scroll Endlessly on Mobile: Spend time scrolling through videos in your niche to get a feel for current trends. Bookmark videos and thumbnails that catch your eye for future reference.
  4. Type in Keywords or Titles Before Starting a Video: Do market research to see what’s already working. Look at the comments for unanswered questions and check the transcript for the main value proposition and hook.
  5. Involve Your Team: Share access to 1of10 Finder with your team. This helps everyone stay on the same page and improves overall video quality.

Who Should Consider 1of10 Finder?

  1. New YouTubers: If you’re new to YouTube, 1of10 Finder can help you understand the look and feel of viral videos and improve your content packaging.
  2. YouTube Strategists, Thumbnail Designers, or Agency Owners: For professionals with multiple clients, 1of10 Finder provides data-backed ideas and trends, making it easier to create successful content.
  3. Teams: If you have a team, 1of10 Finder can streamline your workflow and improve productivity.
  4. YouTube Partners Approved for AdSense: If you’re monetized, the investment can be easily justified by the potential increase in views and revenue.

Who Should Pass on 1of10 Finder?

  1. DIY Enthusiasts: If you prefer to do everything manually, you can replicate some of the app’s functions yourself, though it will take more time and effort.
  2. Casual YouTubers: If you don’t care about the performance of your videos and just upload for fun, 1of10 Finder might not be necessary.

Is It Actually Worth Paying for 1of10 Finder?

For me, getting better data for better ideas is invaluable.

If you want to check out 1of10 Finder, use my affiliate link to support my channel 🙏

See you next time. Peace.


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