Some say it’s the best in the world. While others say, it’s an MLM scam. But is it actually worth it?

You’ve probably seen the hype. It seems like everyone, from your favorite “high ticket” marketing guru to social media agency owners and YouTubers, can’t stop talking about this “ultimate” all-in-one marketing platform.

You’ve probably heard about how GoHighLevel can save you money by eliminating all those expensive monthly app subscriptions.

Or maybe you’ve heard talks about the possibility of creating your own SaaS business by “white labeling” this software for your customers and clients.

But is it all true and actually legit?

Or is it another one of those apps where another guru is pitch you the college MLM dream of a lifetime and trying to cash in on that sweet 40% commission through their affiliate link?

If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, don’t worry – I’m here to bring it all together for you.

My goal is to make this the only video you’ll need to watch about GoHighLevel and, more importantly, to help you determine if it’s the right software for you—whether you’re just starting out, using another platform, or a ClickFunnels bro quitting the dream of the 2-comma club plaque and thinking about moving over.

Because if you’re a business owner like me, then we already know the blood, sweat, and years it takes to build everything on one platform, making everything run seamlessly, and actually grow.

We’ve all experienced the pain of overpaying hundreds or even thousands in subscriptions per month because it’s a pain in the ass to migrate everything over and risk breaking something.

So if we’re even going to consider GoHighLevel, the risks really need to outweigh benefits.

So today we’re specifically going to breakdown:

  • The hidden problem GoHighLevel solves that no one is talking about
  • What exactly is GoHighLevel?
  • How to use GoHighLevel effectively
  • GoHighLevel compared to its competitors
  • Pros of GoHighLevel
  • Cons of GoHighLevel
  • Who is GoHighLevel is for?
  • Who should pass on GoHighLevel?
  • Tips to make migration a whole lot easier

And don’t worry, there are timestamps below.

To sweeten the deal, if you end up deciding on GoHighLevel, I’ve have two special affiliate links.

One is a unique affiliate link where I’ve partnered with BrandYou Funnels to provide ongoing tech support and migration assistance—think of it as your remote IT department. The other is a more affordable option if you’re already tech-savvy. Both come with free 14-day trials.

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Anyways let’s get into it.

The problem no one is talking about.

If you have an online business, then you’re probably addicted to countless cups of coffee, an insomniac, or generating tons of revenue for your therapist because you’re regretting the decision to live the “laptop lifestyle”.

I feel you.

In today’s digital age, your typical guru will tell you need a social media presence on IG, YouTube, and TikTok, a sleek website that doesn’t scream 90’s, a sales funnel that actually converts, an appointment scheduling app, an email list, engaging content for that email list, and of course, and, of course, top-notch fulfillment so that you don’t scam your customers.

Oh, and don’t forget customer service to fix things when your Zapier automation breaks and pisses off your clients 🥲

The truth is doing all this is alone hard. Doing it “right” so it actually works is even harder.

If you’re like me, then you probably bought hundreds of “one-time” AppSumo deals just to glue everything together. While this works as a solopreneur, it quickly breaks when you build and work with a team.

Not only do you have to setup permissions, track all your apps that you bought on a Notion page, and deal with the social dynamics of a team, but now there’s the complexity of scaling.

You’re not only paying thousands for individual subscriptions, but the stress compounds when you realize there’s no native API or integration for that “cheap” AppSumo deal you snagged.

And then you start to wonder… “Hmm… I spent $10K on ads today, but I’m not generating any revenue or booking appointments from paid ads. Oh, it’s because my Zapier is broken.”

If it sounds like I’m speaking from personal experience, I am 🥲

This is where GoHighLevel comes to the rescue. With this platform, you get everything in one place. No more worrying about managing permissions for each individual app for your team, juggling 14+ different subscriptions, or trying to remember all the logins for each app to stay secure.

It’s so much nicer just being able to log into one platform and seeing everything in one place. Okay. So you might be asking…. what does GoHighLevel do? So let’s talk about that.

What is GoHighLevel?

When my friends ask me, “What does GoHighLevel do?” it’s a bit of a loaded question because, honestly, what doesn’t GoHighLevel do?

GoHighLevel offers features like CRM & pipeline management, unlimited sales funnels, website builders, surveys and forms, email and SMS marketing, appointment scheduling, workflow automations, products and courses, call tracking, reputation management, tracking analytics, and even a mobile app.

Phew. That was a lot.

In short, it’s great at many things but doesn’t necessarily specialize in one area. It’s kind of like MMA; you have Muay Thai, wrestling, and Jiu jitsu experts, but MMA itself is about putting everything together seamlessly.

Think of GoHighLevel as the Infinity Gauntlet from the movie Infinity War, with all the infinity stones already collected, and you’re Thanos. With a snap of your fingers, you have a profitable marketing funnel. No Zaps needed. Thank god.

This is probably why I don’t have many friends.

How to use GoHighLevel

When planning this video, I noticed that GoHighLevel breaks down its features into three stages: Capture, Nurture, and Close. However, I think they missed two other stages: Fulfillment and White Labeling.

While many “all-in-one builders” exist, the last one is a unique feature of GHL, which we’ve even used for our clients.

Let’s break this down:


So imagine this. You’re creating YouTube content to a masterclass. Or you might be running Facebook, YouTube, or even “hub” ads.

But how are you going to capture those leads or people who are interested in your service That’s where GoHighLevel comes in, helping you create websites, forms, and even online appointment scheduling.

First, you need a website builder that can create clean, modern-looking websites. If you suck at design, then no worries. There’s templates included, but ngl some of them are kinda ugly from a designer POV. If you use my link with BrandYou, I’ll throw in some high-converting templates.

Not only do you need a website, but you also need landing pages and sales pages with the ability to add surveys and email forms directly onto your site.

Say goodbye to Google Forms, Survey Monkey, or any other third-party survey sites – everything’s done within GoHighLevel.

That means you can even connect appointment scheduling and lead data into your CRM, which is essential if you’re in the high ticket coaching or service based businesses. And if you have a inbound sales team, you can round robin your appointments and set priority just like you would with ScheduleOnce.

If you want to collect a full payment or a deposit, you can do so through the calendar app as well.


If you’re duct taping everything together, you’re probably manually texting people with your “trap” number (AKA google voice) or copy and pasting email addresses, only to find out you emailed the wrong lead. Yikes.

GoHighLevel makes easy to customize follow up campaigns, create multi-campaigns, and communicate with your leads on any device.

So let’s break it down.

Like ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp, you can automate your emails or text messages so customers and clients receive immediate responses from you, or you can trigger responses when you move a client from one deal stage to another. If you prefer, you can even do voicemail drops straight into your customers’ inboxes.

And if you’re managing multiple platforms? No problem. With GHL, you can connect and manage Instagram DMs, Facebook Messages, SMS, Email, and Google/FB Reviews all in one place.

But the coolest thing is the automated AI conversations. You can essentially book appointments automatically without any human interaction.

Here’s how it works. You can use positive or negative intent triggers. So, if someone responds with “yeah, when are you free?”, the system can generate a reply saying, “cool, go ahead and click here to book.”

In a way, AI is already taking some of our jobs, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing.


So back when I used to be on 50+ people inbound “high ticket” sales teams, we would use things like Tableau for tracking, Hubspot, Pipedrive, for CRM and recording, and Payfunnels to create custom links.

I’d have 20+ tabs open, Chrome would crash, and I’d lose all my data. Not fun.

That’s where GoHighLevel comes in. You can collect customer payments, manage your workflow and pipeline, dive deep into analytics & reports, and record calls all in one place.

Instead of using something like Tableau to track all your data, GoHighLevel can track your revenue, close rates, and the revenue source, along with setting up Facebook and Google Analytics within the platform.

Just like your favorite CRM tool (e.g., Hubspot, Pipedrive, or Close), you can write notes about your clients, move deals into different pipelines or stages via a Kanban board, and even set up triggers when they enter a specific stage. You can also allow for payments to be made directly on their websites and funnels.

One useful feature is tagging and tracking lead sources for your agency so you know where most of your business is coming from, whether it’s Google ads, referrals, or website forms.

PSSSSST… and secret tip? If you’re in healthcare, you’re in luck. GoHighLevel is HIPAA compliant. So if anyone is working with patient data, you can upgrade for this function. ughh I’m getting PTSD from my pharmacist days.

But okay. Once you close a deal, what’s next?


Okayyy. So congrats. At this point, your customer successfully sent over a Stripe or PayPal payment over to you. How does GoHighLevel help you keep your customer or client?

If you’re a coach, consultant, and thought leader with a digital course or lead magnets, GoHighLevel has a membership area and platform. Think like Teachable, Kajabi, or Thinkific. It’s a place where you can add both free and paid courses. And there’s no limits on users, offers, and products, unlike Clickfunnels. Yeah. Shots fired to you Clickfunnel bros.

Even if you don’t sell courses, a creative way to use this area if you’re an agency, is to use this area to onboard new hires, contractors, and even clients giving them a walkthrough.

Something that is really cool for the unlimited plan is that there are unlimited subacounts. So let’s say if you have a marketing campaign that is already working for one of your clients, you can literally duplicate the campaign and customize it for your client.

Now you’re not getting paid for your time, but getting paid for your results. But if you don’t care about this, just stick to the Starter plan.

White labeling

White labeling is just a fancy term for buying an existing product from another company and rebranding it as your own. It’s the #1 reason why we use GoHighLevel for our digital marketing agency.

And here’s how we use it to increase our revenue and honestly make our clients happier.

First, retention. Most agencies make the mistake of just providing services. But something that we do is provide a CRM so they can see if their campaigns are working. So now, we’re no longer “just an advisory or agency”. We’re also a SaaS company. If a client decides to quit, we can still charge them for software and CRM.

Oh yeah and the second thing. You can productize your assets or “sell your agency” to customers. So imagine being able to copy and paste your CRM, emails, sales pages, and template and sell it to your customers. You can customize your pricing with unlimited accounts and users.

For example, right now I’m working on building a “high ticket sales” funnel for my clients. So anyone who wants to do high ticket sales in the “Kevin Yee” way, they can buy my services. And viola. Now I have another stream of revenue selling a CRM and mobile app.

But ngl. This is probably why GHL has the MLM vibes from the high school or college days.

Okay so that’s the essential “functions” of high level.

GoHighLevel VS Competitors


When I first tried Hubspot on a high ticket sales floor, I was impressed by its clean UX design and fast performance. But the main issue? It’s incredibly expensive. Hubspot’s CRM suite costs $1600/month for the professional version and a whopping $5000 for enterprise.

That might make sense if you’ve already invested thousands in setting up the platform or hired a Hubspot Certified Partner. With the cost of just 2 months of the Hubspot Professional plan, you can get a whole year of similar features with GoHighLevel (GHL).

When we used Hubspot for our high ticket sales funnels, we still had to set up ScheduleOnce and other tools on top of it, meaning more subscriptions. And you can’t whitelabel and sell your system as a SaaS with Hubspot.

For more established business I can see why they use Hubspot, but you can’t beat the value of GHL IMO.


Okay. So I have a soft spot for Kartra.

If you look on YouTube, I actually have a review if Kartra is worth it on the internetz. Ngl here are many similarities between Kartra and GoHighLevel, as both are all-in-one builders.

However, Kartra lacks some features that GHL offers. Tbh I had a lot of pain in the ass moments with Kartra. Kartra is known for being slow and glitchy. Definitely not my favorite platform.

Like I would often finish building out a webpage on Kartra, but it would glitch out, wouldn’t save, and I had to start all over again.

I would message the support and they pretty much responded… Well you’re shit out of luck. Yeah. That definitely doesn’t solve my problem.

Another thing thing I wasn’t happy with Kartra are the limits. The leads and subscriber limits was the buzzkill.

Plus if I wanted to run a webinar, I’d needed to buy another subscription to WebinarJam, which is another $40-400 / month. FML. Not a fan of nickel and diming.

When I needed to contact a lead, I had to use a third-party app to text or call them. With GoHighLevel, you can communicate via SMS, phone, messenger, or email – all within one app.


So if you build a million dollar funnel with GHL, you’re not going to get that sexy CF 2-comma club plaque that you can show to your mom. Or get that sexy lambo from Russell Brunson that Alex Hormozi talks about.

If you’ve ever used Clickfunnels, then you’ve probably unfortunately had to connect all these apps to Clickfunnels.

Like for high ticket sales, we had duct tape the whole system with ScheduleOnce, CRM, calling software, calendars, tracking, and email software. Oh man and the Zapiers. And often times that adds, to the cost of CF, which ranges from $100-$300 / month depending on the plan.

Since everything is all in GoHighLevel, you don’t have to worry about the permissions, buggy apps, or slowing down your computer because you have too many apps open in Chrome.

Also with GoHighLevel, you won’t have to worry about getting nickeled and dimed. ClickFunnels has limits you to just 15 users, 9 domains, 200 course, 20,000 students, and 200,000 contacts on their highest plan.

With GoHighLevel’s cheapest plan, you can create unlimited funnels and pages, unlimited contacts, and unlimited visitors. This also makes GoHighLevel perfect for those doing client work or building funnels for multiple customers.

Oh yeah. And you can’t whitelabel with CF, which is a big L.

Pros of GoHighLevel

  1. Unlimited features.
    Want to know something that drives me crazy? It’s the when SaaS companies set limits. Some platforms like Kartra and ClickFunnels do is hit you with limits or even send overcharge fees if you exceed certain limits.

    For example, every single month I get hit with an overcharge fee because I went over my bandwidth. And I can’t help but wonder if adding another domain really increases data costs that much. It’s not like the extra $2 fee is breaking the bank, but nobody likes getting nickeled and dimed, right?

    With GoHighLevel, you get unlimited team members, funnels, webpages, and multiple domains. The Starter plan is enough for most businesses, but we’ll get into the details later.
  2. Great value for your money 🤑
    Hubspot has a reputation for being the “gold standard” in the industry, especially in the B2B space. The only problem? It’s $800 / month for professional and $3.600 for enterprise. Ouch.

    If you’re more of an internet marketing bro, you’re probably a ClickFunnels bro. And that sexy 2-comma club plaque comes at a premium. Even at the “Funnel Hacker” special deal, you’re paying $297 with a limit on contacts, domains, websites, and users. And let’s be honest, the ClickFunnels experience is, well, a bit tacky. When you’re on ClickFunnels, you know you’re on ClickFunnels and can expect “Hey, wait! Before you go…” popup when you close out of the screen.

    That’s where GoHighLevel comes in.

    The Starter plan offers a wide range of features, including CRM, sales funnels, website builders, surveys, email and SMS marketing, appointment scheduling, workflow automations, products and courses, call tracking, reputation management, tracking analytics, and even a mobile app. Some Reddit users have praised the value of the Starter plan.

    And even if you decide to upgrade to the Unlimited plan, it still is value packed. Check this Reddit comment out. To be honest, you should only upgrade to Unlimited if you deal with a large amount of clients or have a large amount of users that need access to the portals. If you’re an agency that does a lot of the same “niched” campaigns, you can literally create a master template and duplicate that template. Hell – you can even sell access to those templates or white label your CRM or mobile app as a SaaS.

    At $297 per month, this is an absolute bargain for a true all-in-one marketing and sales platform. If you were to run a separate platform for website building, email marketing, SMS marketing, CRM, workflow automations, tracking and analytics and all that – this’ll easily cost you thousands and thousands of dollars.

    Plus you need to “duct tape” all the apps together with API integrations or Zapiers… which are a nightmare if they break. GoHighLevel only costs $297 per month. No matter how many websites or applications you create or how many users you bring on board – it will always only cost $297. And I don’t think another all-in-one platform can say the same. And according to this Reddit user, you don’t need to pay hosting fees with GHL. You can just buy the domain and add it to your landing page.

    The only extra cost you need to keep in mind is a Twilio account. If you want to text your leads, you get text related charges.
  3. It’s a dream come true for large teams, especially sales teams.
    Okay. So if you don’t know by now, I have a hatred for Zaps breaking and setting up permissions for different apps. Since GHL is all inclusive, you don’t need to log into Hubspot, ScheduleOnce, or your Kixie. It’s all in one place.

    So if you hire someone, you can just give them access within the portal and they have access to everything.

    The bonus? GHL eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions, permissions for each individual app, and remembering multiple logins. Yeah – it’s probably not safe knowing that I use Password123 for all my clients dashboards.

    Let’s face it, using the same login and password isn’t the best idea. And if you’ve ever been frustrated working with “non-techy savy” sales teams, I feel you. For some reason sales and tech stacks rarely get along. So reducing the friction is really important.

    With GHL, you can set up a round-robin, allocate call percentages, and direct leads to your sales rep. Manage texts, calls, and emails in one place, reducing confusion and complexity. That way, you don’t have to nag your sales rep to “manage their deals.” Ugh, what a nightmare.
  4. Boost customer lifetime value and retention.
    One of the cool things I mentioned was the ability to white label the platform.

    Agencies can customize the platform with their own branding, making it look like their own product. This not only adds value to their clients but also helps them stand out from their competitors and sell it as a SaaS can increase revenue and client retention.

    So how do you increase revenue and client retention? We provide a SaaS.

    As long as a client is with us, we provide it for free. I know some agencies bake it into the costs. So in addition to getting paid for execution and delivery, now you can monetize your assets that you’ve built.

    But if they decide to use a different digital marketing agency, you can easily charge $100-200 / month for the CRM. This is why digital marketing agencies should consider using this platform.

    It provides them with more flexibility, efficiency, and revenue potential, making it a wise investment for their business.

Cons of GoHighLevel

  1. Jack of all trades, master of none.
    Let’s be real. Like all-in-one apps, GoHighLevel is good at a lot of things, but isn’t an expert at anyone thing Sometimes features can be finicky. My friend’s high ticket jiu jitsu offer got leads from Google Ads, but GHL didn’t notify him. The lead connector broke. GHL customer service is pretty good, though, and always working on new features. Speaking of features…
  2. Overwhelming features.
    Because it’s so jam-packed with features, it can be very intimidating and confusing for first-time users, especially for smaller businesses that don’t have a dedicated team for technical stuff. Even as I was preparing this video, I was like… OMG how am I going to include everything? I don’t feel like I’m using it to it’s full capacity? Sure, there’s a big community and 24/7 customer support, but you still have to do the work yourself, which can be challenging.
  3. Single point of failure.
    GHL’s all-in-one nature is both a strength and a weakness. Once you build on GHL, you’re stuck. If it ever goes financial under or faces a security attack, you’re at risk. And migrating away? Total pain.
  4. Limited payment gateways.
    Diversifying your payment gateways is important. If you ever get a crazy amount of chargebacks or have suspicious activity, you can have your funds frozen. For example, I remember on a high ticket offer that was doing $500K / week one of the payment processors like Stripe held over $700K in pending funds. That could kill a business. GHL currently only supports Stripe, NMI, and PayPal, though they might add more processors in the future.
  5. Janky designs.
    GHL’s design isn’t the cleanest. Kajabi looks way better. But honestly, I’ll take functionality and practicality over the world’s best-looking website any day. Don’t judge a book by its cover; I definitely recommend GHL.

Who is GoHighLevel For?

  1. You hate multiple subscriptions. You hate paying for multiple apps with monthly fees and want to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, GHL is for you. It can replace several tools at once, saving you both money and time.
  2. You’re a service based business. if you’re a service-based business looking to increase retention or monetize your digital assets, GHL can be your go-to platform. Unlike ClickFunnels and other competitors, you can sell monetize your templates and assets.
  3. You’re a thought leader, coach, or consultant with courses. GHL is also great for thought leaders, coaches, and consultants with courses. It streamlines the process of managing your content and audience, so you can focus on what you do best – sharing your expertise!
  4. You have a sales team, which is non-techy.
  5. You have an local lead agency.
    GHL integrates with Google My Business, allowing you to manage your reputation. Imagine you’re a local lead generation business for chiropractors. You could send an automated feedback form asking clients to rate their experience.

    If it’s a low rating, you can address the issue before a review is posted. But if it’s a high rating, you can collect glowing testimonials on Google.

    GHL can also help your business stand out with targeted email blasts offering incentives for reviews. For example, you might do an email blast for a $100 GC in exchange for a review. With more positive ratings, your business will rise in the ranks and attract more customers.

Who should pass on GoHighLevel?

  1. E-commerce businesses: GoHighLevel has its strengths, but handling complex funnels isn’t one of them. While it does connect with Shopify and WooCommerce, if you’re running an e-commerce business with intricate funnels, you might find GHL lacking. Sometimes the integrations can be broken.
  2. Community builders: If you’re looking to build a community platform like Circle, MightyNetworks, or Skool, pass on GoHighLevel. Right now, paid communities and high ticket masterminds are all the rage, thanks in part to Sam Ovens. Unfortunately, GHL doesn’t offer features tailored for community building.
  3. Social media planning: If you need a platform like Buffer or Hootsuite to manage your social media presence, you won’t find that functionality in GoHighLevel. So, if a social media scheduler is a must-have for your business, you’ll need to look elsewhere… or add it to your stack.

The difference between Starter and Unlimited

So let’s say you’re like on the fence. Which one GoHighLevel should you start with? The Starter or Unlimited plans?

So, let’s kick things off with the GoHighLevel Starter plan. With 1 account, unlimited contacts, 1 custom domain, and all the core features you need, the Starter plan is perfect for those solopreneurs or a single business that needs a CRM.

But if you’re working with multiple clients and have to duplicate campaigns, the Unlimited plan is your golden ticket. This plan offers unlimited accounts, sub-accounts, custom domains, and even priority support. Plus you can start selling your templates to potential clients who want a DIY solution vs DFY.

Even the people at Reddit said this…

Is migrating to GoHighLevel a pain?

At this point you’re probably like… “This is great Kevin. But I’m on a different platform, like Kartra, Kajabi, or ClickFunnels. I just don’t have the time to click and drag and make sure I’m migrating everything ok.”

The truth is, switching platforms can be time-consuming and complicated. While you can hire someone off Fiverr, you’re relying on a $100 stranger from across the world for your million-dollar business. Plus, you have to deal with multiple tech platforms and those damn zaps.

While I do use GHL for our digital marketing agency, I’ve been thinking about migrating from Kartra over to GHL for the last year. Yes, I literally threw away $2400 just on Kartra fees, just thinking about it. I was ranting about this to my good friend Mike Kim at Mike Meltzer’s podcast here in Vegas.

That’s when I found out that Mike not only uses GHL for his funnels, but he also a white labeled GHL solution called Brand You Funnels.

If you don’t know, Mike is a speaker, podcaster, and is the author of the best seller, “You are the Brand”. He also has a solution called Brand You Funnels, which is a white labeled GHL solution to help people like me who aren’t super tech-savvy and need help with migration and onboarding.

So rather than just signing up for some random affiliate link on the internet, you basically have a fractional IT department at your fingertips on standby. Plus you get access to Mike’s existing high converting funnels.

Brand You Funnels™ is designed specifically for coaches, consultants, experts, and course creators who want a seamless and efficient migration experience. They offer personalized onboarding assistance, making the transition to their platform as smooth as possible. Their team is available to help you connect your existing website, integrate your favorite tools, and ensure everything is set up correctly.

At the time of this recording for $129 / month, you get…

  • Access to the GHL platform
  • 30 min onboarding call: This is a call where we can strategize how to save money on subscriptions and help integrate Google, domain, text, and any other tech things on the call. If you want them to do the full DFY migration, they can quote you based on what you have. Some people have 1 funnel others might have 50 funnels and 20 automations.
  • Live group support calls: Every month, you can 2 live support calls a month with including some periodic workshops on specific topics. You can come with tech support questions, but many people come with strategy sessions because they don’t know what funnel to build and all the coaches can give great insight on that too.  And definitely trying to incorporate periodic training. For example, recently one of the members did a workshop on how to use BYF for speaking events.
  • Live support chat & Slack: This is a great chance to connect with others in similar industries and can communicate directly with the IT support team.

Personally for me, the biggest benefit is Mike’s team. Connie has built and supported many of your favorite thought leaders, ClickFunnel bros, and has experience with local lead generation agency.

📲 GoHighLevel (no support) ➜

📲 BrandYouFunnels (w/ GHL support) ➜

At the end of the day, you’re getting continuous support from a dedicated team that is truly invested in your success. They’re not just there to fix your issues; they’re there to help you grow and thrive in your online business.

So, if you’re like me and you want to simplify your tech migration and onboarding process, I truly recommend giving GoHighLevel and Brand You Funnels™ a try.

At a bare minimum, you can always go on your onboarding call and test it out for 14 days. You can check out the details What to you have to lose? Otherwise you can save yourself the extra $30 / month with my regular affiliate link.

So is GoHighLevel actually worth it?

For me personally, It’s a powerful tool. As someone who’s spend hundreds and even thousands on subscriptions, it minimalizes everything for me. Because I just like to keep things simple.

If you want an awesome all-in-one platform that does everything you want a sales and marketing platform to do well for a fair price tag, give it a shot.

If you were impressed with what GoHighLevel offers and thought to yourself, “My business needs this”, then you probably do. There’s a free trial with my links affiliate links below. I appreciate your support.

📲 GoHighLevel (no support) ➜

📲 BrandYouFunnels (w/ GHL support) ➜

Ultimately, the choice is yours, my friends.

Stay compassionate, stay authentic, stay rebellious. Peace.