Short post today about the value of money. Kevin here. 

Last week I worked 64 hours in a row. That’s a lot of time exposed to sick patients. One day I had a swollen lymph node. Then a stye. Then chills and body aches. Fuck. Influenza.

It’s my fault. I didn’t prioritize my own health.

The worst part? I those shifts together so I could go to Ramit Sethi’s Forefront event.

Instead of mingling with people at mixers, I suffered from chills and rushed home to rest. Instead of having deep conversations, I would get stopped by coughing fits. Even though I’m an extrovert and love talking to people, I was by myself because I didn’t want to get others sick.

I couldn’t even enjoy the beautiful Chicago Lakeside view because of the chills. Instead of enjoying the excellent dining of Chicago, I just slept in my room and sipped on Vitamin Water Zero.

And I learned something….

No one wants to go eat dinner or talk to a sick person. Who can blame them?

Was the event amazing? Hell yes. I got to hear from the best speakers (Shawn Achor, Gretchin Rubin, and Ramit himself). We also had a kick ass gala at Museum of Science and Industry. 

…did I meet as many amazing people as I wanted to? Definitely not.

Even though money can shortcut the tangibles of a rich life, you can’t enjoy it. You can’t enjoy connecting with others if you’re too busy in pain.

It requires the physical capabilities of a healthy body to connect with great minds. No amount of money could ever buy that.

Take a few minutes to be grateful for a healthy body. Not everyone has that. I know. Everyone “knows” this, but no one understands it until it happens to them. 

…well at least it ain’t Ebola.

Kevin Yee