Ever watch this video?

I wanted to start this week off by sharing this video I did couple of years ago and break down these life lessons that you can apply.

This video has some truth in it. My parents are musicians. They wanted me to grow up to become a genius composure or some classical pianist. Sadly, I’m just a classical penis.

Anyways, I never grew up with the stereotypical idea that Asian’s are untalented and can’t pursue the arts. A lot of my friends kept saying how it’s impossible for Asians to rap, dance, sing, or do anything in entertainment cause everyone is forced to be a doctor/lawyer.

What I learned?

Perception – Reality is what you make of it.

My father is an opera singer, all his life people were telling him, Asian men don’t have big voices like italian/European men so it’s impossible.

His family would ridicule, deny and laugh at his dream. He was one of the first few Asian men to take lead roles in operas and performed for countless amounts of people nation wide.

I know the types of doubt that goes through your mind… I read the comments all the time.

Start this week by believing in yourself. Easier said than done, I know… but here are some clear steps on how to do that.

It first has to start from you saying “I can do this”. Whenever people start to criticize, hate or talk shit. Practice brushing it off and letting your own thoughts be stronger than their opinions.

Example: My brother looks over my shoulder to see my drawing.

Big brother: Dafauq is that garbage?!?!

Thought to self: I’m not done yet, just keep going, one day Imma be amazing.

Dad: You not going to make money doing that!

Thought to self: Oh silly dad, you worry too much. Keep going, you’re gonna do amazing.

Uncle: Why do you want to waste time drawing bullshit all day, go study!

Thought to self: I am studying and investing in my skills by practicing, and its going to be great.

People say stupid things without knowing how it affects you. They’re afraid because they can’t picture themselves ever making it happen. They doubt you because they are afraid for you.

Don’t let them plant their fears into your head and making that a reality.

Fear is just their negative perspective, NOT REALITY. NOT THE TRUTH.

Keep telling yourself that. Their opinions are just opinions, not FACT. You control your future and if failure comes, you learn from it and keep going.

Yea… it sounds lame, but if we rely upon other people to validate us, we’ll always be looking for approval. You know what that does? It makes us dependent upon other peoples opinions.

Lets not live life searching for people to praise us. Lets practice on letting our inner voice be stronger than their opinions.

Only then will we start to believe in ourselves.

Feel free to email me back if you run into a roadblock and have difficulty changing your perspective. Me and Kevin will help you out!