Life is wicked confusing… especially when it comes to money.

What do we see when we go on Instagram or Facebook?

  • Vacations in Hawaii
  • Tons of weddings and baby pictures
  • Friends bungee jumping of a cliff

We see friends living.

How many times have you heard… live your life to it’s fullest?

You dream about your Beamer, Benz, or Bently. But what stops us? Our bank account pays us with a reality check. We’re like… fuck me. I need to save more money.

We hear mixed messages all the time.

Don’t be cheap. Followed up by… Come on man you gotta live a little? 

That’s why money is so damn confusing. Everyone has their own opinion. So when I read your emails, I feel you.

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When should we be “cheap” and when should we “just live a little“? How do we know if we’re making the right decision?

Say no more fam. I gotchu like pikachu.

Why do we think this way?

I think about times like these when we couldn’t even afford a chair…

My family was never ballin. Money was more a luxury and saving a necessity. I still remember sharing a Costco pizza together. We would share one drink. We didn’t have money, but at least we had each other.

And most of you guys reading this have gone through the experience of broke-ass-ness during college. Who remembers those college days?

You know those days when  protein powder, tuna, and ramen were daily staples? Back when you went EXTREME coupon clipping? Back when you could cook almost anything with a rice cooker?


And no lie. At the time, it was an important skill.

We all have bills and school tuition. Enjoying life seems like a luxury more than a necessity. When we don’t have enough, we feel like we can’t have both.

What did my life look like after making six figures?

Fast forward to my life after pharmacy school, passing my boards, and working that drug dealing life. A lot of people imagine, you can do anything after hitting six figures. We think…

Vacation? Do it. Ball out at the club? Make it rain. Buy a house? No problem. But what did my life really look like?

I never went on vacation. I never bought nice shit for myself. When it came time during Christmas and Thanksgiving, I spent it alone without my family. Why?

The fear of losing it all controlled my life. Why spend it on fun? Why not just invest it so it could be worth 100x later?

Week after week, I would go into the pharmacy with nothing to look forward. Even though I had a “vacation” fund, I wasn’t REALLY enjoying it.

I lied to myself everyday. I don’t care about money, but in reality it was holding me prisoner. The Chinese greed got to me.

When shit bit me in the ass

In 2016, my grandma died. I felt like an asshole. 

You hear all the time don’t take your family for granted, but I did exactly that. I suddenly felt the guilt of missing all those Thanksgivings and Christmas holidays I missed with my family. I blamed my job.

…or was it really myself that was holding me back?

As I was carrying my grandma’s casket, I thought about my life. How I was constantly telling people my victim story, but in reality I was the problem. I couldn’t enjoy life because I felt like I didn’t deserve it.

Here I could have just booked my airplane trip to see her. But I didn’t. Instead I chose to not plan my vacation and avoid the conversation of getting time off. All for what? Just to save and invest a few thousand fucking dollars?

As I touched my grandma’s casket for the last time, I told myself… Fuck this. Time to fucking live.

Don’t think cost. Think value.

Have you ever asked yourself… should I spend or save?

Why not bothThe truth is often times we have enough to invest and save. Learning to invest, save, and enjoy life are all necessary skills. Focusing on only one will fuck you… hard.

The truth was that I was holding myself back from enjoying life by only focusing on financial gain. If we want to grow, sometimes we have to leave behind the skills that got us here. I wasn’t in college anymore. I didn’t have to live that way anymore.

When you’re faced with a difficult decision, remember this… Don’t think cost. Think value. 

Life is more than just saving money. Is it worth investing that $1 so that it’ll turn into $1000 one day? Is worth spending that last Christmas with your grandparent?

The truth is often times we have enough to invest and save… even if it’s only $10 per month. We just need to set the intention to do so.

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