When I say Tai Lopez, what comes to mind?

Some people might say “scammer”. Others think of the “here in my garage” ad”. While majority of Reddit and YouTube might say “KNOWLEDGE”.

Believe it or not, I don’t follow Tai Lopez, buy his products, or watch his content… so why am I following him?

Tai Lopez is a master at how he responds to haters, trolls, and critics.

If you have ever dealt with trolls or haters, there’s not a lot of great advice on the internet. I would know because I’m currently going through it at the moment.

It started around a year ago when I had a few videos blow up regarding MGTOW, incels, and being single at 30.

Since then, every few weeks an anonymous individual or group of haters/trolls flood my live stream, mass dislike my videos, and even harass my Instagram and email as well.

You can’t go to YouTube because they don’t do anything.

… so how do you respond when blocking doesn’t work? Do you legal action? Or look within, take some ayahuasca, kill your ego, and live with it?

What do you do when you’re faced with haters?

Conventional wisdom will tell you – just ignore the haters. But this advice sucks because it doesn’t **solve the root problem of holding the anonymous users accountable.

But it was interesting to see Tai Lopez respond to his hater. He jumped on a live stream with a critic, John Henry.

Here are three things I noticed during the live stream

  1. The conversation is documented in unedited raw stream – which means there’s nothing being edited out of context
  2. Instead of attacking his “hater”, Tai Lopez slows the pacing down and takes the time to understand his critic’s point of view by remaining curious and asking questions.
  3. John Henry’s speech patterns were fast paced with the intent to potentially “expose” Tai for his lack of knowledge of real estate investing and startups. Rather than argue specific points with Tai Lopez’s business experience, he threw “trivia” questions… which honestly IMO wasn’t effective.

In a world where conventional wisdom tells you to ignore haters, this is rare piece of content that is a much watch for anyone trying to understand the perspective of internet critics.

After watching the long debate – I had this lingering question in my head… 

Why would you “waste” your time with a critic?

“It’s important to respond to haters sometimes. In this world people get mixed up ideas and it’s important to clarify things.”

Tai Lopez

If you want to check out the video, check it out here.