Kevin here.

No lie. I miss Christmas mornings with my family. The thing I loved was just having the family together… even though that Super Nintendo didn’t hurt.


Fast forward today, 3000 miles separates my family and I. Being a healthcare professional is tough sometimes. People see the paycheck but they don’t see the sacrifices behind it.

3000-milesTraveling back home isn’t impossible, but it’s definitely a headache

Few things about traveling during the holidays…

  1. Traveling during Christmas is a nightmare (I hate you LAX…)
  2. It’s wicked expensive $$$
  3. Getting time off can be in a miracle in itself

If I planned early enough, I could make it happen. What’s the real reason?

I’m a workaholic.


Actual picture of me writing this article

Is there such thing as working too hard?

Life gets busy. I can’t even remember the last time when I did nothing for a whole day.

It’s a vicious cycle. If I don’t do any work, I start getting anxiety. Something doesn’t feel right. I start imagining myself…

  1. Being homeless.
  2. Being homeless with my future children and parents
  3. Being unable to pay for my kid’s education or parent’s hospital bills

No lie. It sucks when you can’t help your friends or family when they need it most.


Being a workaholic definitely isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it can still be a problem. What’s the difference between a habit and addiction? An addiction is when you’ve lost control.

We think we’re in control -but are we really? As one addict put it, addiction is when we’ve lost the freedom to abstain. Let us reclaim that freedom” -Ryan Holiday

… so I gave myself the day off

The best way to decompress? Binge watch Man in the High Castle Season 2 on Amazon Prime. As I was watching Obergruppenführer John Smith kick ass, I started feeling uncomfortable.


But I resisted. When we intentionally break a habit, it reminds us that ultimately we have self-control to make our own decisions instead of running on autopilot.

Sometimes we get so caught up we don’t even see our own addictions.

A lot of the time we pick up a harmless habits like drinking coffee to wake our ass up in the morning.

Next thing you know, these habits are so ingrained that they’re controlling our lives. Every once and awhile stop the autopilot. Remind yourself you have control.

What addictions/habits do you have? 

Let me know. Leave a comment below. Until next time…