What memories do you have from your childhood?

Kevin here.

Growing up, both my parents were busy working and my grandmother spent a lot of time raising me. Going to my grandma’s house meant…

  • Watching Captain Planet and Power Rangers
  • Drinking lots of soda
  • Polishing off an entire Costco pack of Oreo’s

…but the most memorable childhood experience? McDonalds with my grandmother.

Things were so simple

Everyday we would walk to McDonalds… and yes I was on that leash thing. Ratchet from day one.

I would spend time playing with my happy meal toy while she enjoyed her Filet-O-Fish. Afterwards she would take me to the park where I used to race around on a Fisher Price 3 wheeler. Bad ass.

When my mom picked me up, she would always slip me some “ice cream” money. Ice cream definitely didn’t cost $20.

Grandma ALWAYS had my back

As I grew older, she was still always there for me.

Whether she was hating on my ex girlfriend with me during my teenage years or helping me with college tuition, she always tried her best to show me her love.

… and even at 25 years old, she still tried giving me ice cream money… -_-

She never had to do those things, but I’m grateful that she did. Because of her, my childhood, teenage, and adult years have been so memorable.

that’s why when I got the call from my mom, I was so torn.

My grandmother passed away

I just felt this deep sadness… emptiness… and sorrow. The person who was there all 27-28 years of my life? Gone.

On the day of her funeral, it broke my heart giving her eulogy. When her casket was finally closed and as I helped carry out her casket with my brother, it hit me. This was real. This was my final goodbye to her.

I broke down and cried so hard that day for the first time in years.

The best gift ever

But even in death, my grandmother still teaches me so much.

Our family was broken. When my uncle died, no one showed up. My dad’s side hated each other and didn’t talk for years. I thought our family would never change.

… but I was completely wrong. For the first time in 28 years, I saw my dad hug his sister on that day.

Through my grandmother’s death, it helped bring us closer together. What I realized was with every obstacle reveals an new opportunity.


What more could a grandson want?

You never had to help me out, but you did. Even though I’ll miss the scent of Chinese medicine in your house, the stacks of VHS Korean dramas in your bedroom, and how you never wanted to let go of my hand when I had to catch a flight back to LA… I know it’s your timeYou can rest now.

To the OG true Refugee Hustler… I’ll love and miss you always.

Forever grateful,

Kevin Yee AKA Kai-Doi (naughty boy)