“…do you want to still live here?”

Kevin here.

Wondering why Joe and I are no longer roommates?

Living these last three years living together with Joe, Brandon, Bree, Can, and Jess was a dream come true. Back in Boston, I just wanted to just meet JK films. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be living with Joe.

Mudda road trip with the roomies

…and it was all potentially coming to an end. 

We were sitting in the man-cave having a house meeting. Brandon bought a home and Can and Bree decided to move in with him. Leaving Joe, Jess, and I were trying to decide… should we go our separate ways?

Apart of me didn’t want things to end. I went from fan to friends to family. Mudda memories started rushing in…

Smashing pumpkins and breaking tables in the backyard

Smashing pumpkins

Dragging Joe’s gun safe up the stairs

Joe's heavy ass gun safe

Convos about the mudda romance

Mudda love talk

Saying goodbye to friends

Birth of Refugee Hustle

Along with living a house full of hustlers, I was saving so much money over $4800 per year. So why was it such a hard decision?

How do you make the “right choice”?

One of the biggest questions and hardest things in life is making the “right” choice. School conditions us to always find the “right” answer and make the “best” choice. It starts teachers in elementary school asking you “what is 1+1?”, but the real life answers aren’t always as clear.

  • Should go back to school?
  • Should I look for a new job?
  • How do you know if you’re making the right choice?

The truth is you don’t.

You can literally spend days trying to analyze and come up with the best choice. But sometimes the “best” decision is just making a decision… any decision. I still wanted to live in the house with all these cool people, but I had to ask what was best for myself. My heart dropped.

…I think it’s best that I move to K-town.

The “mudda bullshit” moments

If you commute in LA, spending 2-3 hours in a standstill is common. So I had to plan around the 12 hour pharmacy shifts… leaving me exactly 8 hours of sleep/eat/Pornhub. Over the last 3 years, I woke up early to work out, listened to podcasts, and focused on mental toughness. I made the most of it, but no matter how great you try to make a situation, you can’t turn shit into gold. 

Mudda traffic -_-

Traffic up ahead… du ma

I wasn’t in control anymore. Traffic controlled my life. Every night, I would be like… Fuck this shit. This is the mudda bullshit.

Everyone has those moments. Moments where you’re frustrated and feel like you can’t do anything. It’s just like when you hold a girl’s hand and she tells you pregnant.

Fake pregnancy

Don’t believe this shit for a second. Don’t fall into this trap. You’re never hopeless. The decision to change is always an option. The real question is… are you willing to change and be uncomfortable?

Stop focusing on what you’re missing out on

I couldn’t stop feeling like I was missing out. No more late night Korean food runs with Can and Bree. No more sharing 21 savage memes with bchoi. The major reason why I put up with all the mudda bullshit was because of the mudda bonding time with my roommates. 

KBBQ with the fam

Sometimes we get so caught up on missing out that we forget to ask… what are we gaining? What are the benefits from change?

And I imagined waking up not worrying about traffic. Days where I could walk down the street to grab coffee, grab lunch with a friend, and party at Line hotel without worrying about waking up early the next morning or worrying about traffic. No more consistent asking myself “what time is it” and living with a lighter under my ass. Paying an extra $4800 for piece of mind was absolutely worth it.

Line hotel

…still struggling with making the “right” decision? 

Let’s recap.

• The best decision is any fucking decision. Just make one.

• “I can’t” is bullshit. The choice to take control of your life is always there.

• Stop worrying about what you’re missing out on and instead ask what are you gaining?

• Spend your money on piece of mind. It’s worth it.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about moving away from your family or friends. Or thinking about taking the leap of faith for a sexy new opportunity. Or maybe you just want something new.

Sometimes it’s hard letting go of something that helped you grow. Just like my Razor phone in high school, you outgrow certain things. In order to grow and create something new, it’s necessary to leave things behind.


So I want to ask you… Tell me a time where you struggled to make a difficult decision? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

Kevin the truuuu homie