For the longest time, I was afraid.

Afraid of living unconventionally and pursuing a career that has absolutely no stability, a set structure or guarantee?

Although this desire seemed destined to fail as well as risky as hell. I still couldn’t burry my desires. I tried the whole going to school, working a 9-5 stable job with awesome benefits, but I felt an imbalance.

The 9 to 5 grind

The 9 to 5 grind

I did everything I was supposed to do, made money, lived independently, grew awesome relationships with friends, but no matter what I did, I felt lost.

All because I was living a lie. I wasn’t living the life I wanted, there was no purpose in my work, I felt I had more to give to society and I felt like a coward for not challenging myself to accomplish my full potential.

Do you feel me?

The fear was so strong that I rather sacrifice my desires to choose something that seemed stable and guaranteed. I rather endure the pain of living a mediocre life than going balls out and acting upon what I really wanted out of life…

All because of FEAR. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of judgement, fear of ridicule, fear of poverty, fear of everything.

If this is you or your friends…

I’ll tell you right now, there is a way out.

I got out of this situation and now live the lifestyle I want; I get paid to travel, work with my close friends, and designed my life exactly the way I want.

I really want to show you how possible this is. It wasn’t luck. I’ve been working on this for 4 years. I broke out of the chains of mental slavery and I want to share this simple yet difficult solution with you guys.

When you see it, you’ll realize how simple it is and why you haven’t done this sooner.

Here’s the answer.

The only thing holding my back was my perspective. MY MINDSET.

Everything starts with your thoughts. Every move you make, every goal you attempt, everything.

Regardless of what shitty situation you might be in, at the end of the day, it’s how you think about it and HOW YOU SEE AND DEAL WITH IT that makes your reality.

For example…

We all hate traffic right?

Traffic is a hassle… But what if you were in traffic with your crush? It’s the first time hanging out, you’re driving them home and you two are really hitting it off.

You stimulate the fuck out of each other in conversation and wish that this ride would never end. It’s all perception.

It’s not the traffic that’s bad, Its how you see it. The stressor depends on how you interpret it. You control your perspective and once you see it, it’s simple.

If you fill your mind with negativity and road blocks, your reality will be nothing but failures. Many people will say “think positive” but to me that’s a whole lot of bullshit, just being optimistic doesn’t help.

You just live another lie while being happy about things that bother you. Here are some real ways to change your perspective.

Think of solutions

Start training your mind to think of solutions instead of replaying problems over and over in your head. Here’s how you train your mind.

When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, immediately write down what bothers you and begin writing all the different solutions to that problem.

For every negative roadblock, give yourself a positive solution. Debate your mind, don’t let the fear win. Fear traps our mind to stay comfortable and away from failure.

Failure hurts our ego and fear protects the ego. At the end of the day, we don’t want to pacify ourselves, we want to really solve these problems.

This is the first step for your new life. It starts with your mind and when you can honestly accept your goals as something that is obtainable, you will find all the answers in the world to achieve them.

This is what I call the REFUGEE HUSTLE.

Some of our parents came here with nothing in their pocket but they accepted in their mind that this is the land where sky is the limit.

They thought of solutions of how to live, how to love, how to exist and learned as they went. No instructions, just self taught.

If a foreigner can come here and become successful with no education, no english, no friends/support network. Then anyone can. Take the first step and believe that any problem you have can be solved. Trust your solutions and start building confidence in yourself today.

I hope this stuff helps you guys, I get a ton of personal messages from you guys about your fears. I am developing a few things to help you guys so stay tuned.

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