The Weekly Hustle Episode 1: Internet Gurus, Dopamine Detox, Independent Pharmacy


Podcast version:

Welcome to the Weekly Hustle, where I do three things:

  1. To share cool people, processes, tools, and ideas for hustlers who want to be great
  2. To give you the backstage pass, “IRL” tutorial, and document the process of the long term game of how to hit 10 million dollars
  3. To attract the next generation of great people to work on great products that impact real problems

This week I’m going to be sharing:

  1. What I’m reading
  2. People I’m following
  3. What I’m thinking
  4. What I’m quitting
  5. How I’m challenging myself
  6. AskKevinYee question

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Question of the week –

I’m behind on the latest music – who are some rising hip hop artists that you like to listen to?

What I’m reading –

Recently I haven’t been in the “mood” to read.

Ever have days when you can’t focus more than 10 minutes on a book? That’s me this week. So I had to focus reading with a purpose. So here’s what I’m reading and why:

  • Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman – I read this years ago when I was studying affiliate marketing. I started re-reading this book because I wanted I needed to touch up on my copywriting for Kickass Investing.
  • I Will Teach You to Be Rich (Second Edition) by Ramit Sethi – I’ve followed Ramit since 2007 in college and took most of his courses on internet marketing. One of the things that Ramit is a master at is understanding the psychology. So I decided to pick up his book to put myself back in the mindset of a new investor. I also did a YouTube review of his book here too.
  • Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got by Jay Abraham – Jay Abraham is one of the great minds in the marketing world and master of positioning. While he’s apart of the “older” generation and might not know the technical aspects of Facebook Ad marketing, he’s a master at the timeless principles of marketing and positioning. I’ll even admit – I’ve never even fully read this book, but each time I do pick it up, I’m like… AHA moment. He simplifies the processes and teaches you existing frameworks to think better.
    • For example. someone might ask – what are the ways to revenue to your business? A younger person might answer… Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Door knocking, etc. But Jay Abraham would break things down into core principles:


      • Increasing the number of clients
      • Increase the average size of the sale per client
      • Increase the number of times clients return and buy again
    • He makes it less daunting by focusing on the few – not the many. When you can focus on a few things, it’ll help you take action.

Person I’m following –

Alex Becker

I found out Alex a few years ago through my friend Matt Tran (AKA EngineeredTruth). To be honest – I wasn’t a big fan of his content because he represented the “get rich quick”‘ life with the Lamborghini in his background.

But I found him again recently and started loving his content. Here’s some of the things that I did after watching a few of his videos – especially around minimalism and dopamine detoxing.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of dopamine detoxing, it’s this – the idea is that by restricting most of your pleasurable daily activities — from social media, to watching videos, gaming, talking, or even eating — you can “reset” your brain. The idea also plays into people’s simplistic beliefs about how the brain works.

Since watching his content I’ve been focused on implementing dopamine detoxing in my life. I am fasting in these three areas of my life:

  1. Food 🍗 – Rather than decide “what should I eat today”, I simplified my food choices to 9 items. I eat the things everyday and they take less than 10 minutes to prepare. In addition, I made a hard rule not to eat until I’m done working so it wouldn’t take blood flow from my brain.
  2. Focus 📖 – This week I decided to eliminate projects that I wasn’t in love with, good at, or make money for me. Instead I doubled down on those things that hit all three – which lead me to YouTube, Kickass Investing, and High Ticket Sales.
  3. Fapping 🍆 – I know this caught your attention. When I say fapping, I’m referring to ALL media, including YouTube for pleasure and the “P-Hub”. I found myself constantly opening my phone to the Joe Rogan Podcast, Stephanie Soo, or the “hub” when I wanted to do away with work.

On the weekends, I usually take a break from these things, but Monday is back to normal.

If you’re new to Alex Becker, check out this video about why he sold his Lamborghini and home to live in an apartment with nothing in it.

Alex is unique because he’s speaks from experience. His videos aren’t the typical “cookie cutter” BS out there. Definitely check him out if you’re into Essentialism and Minimalism.

What I’m thinking –

Minimal Mastery

There’s a rise of internet gurus out there, but few focus on mastery. After listening to Alex Becker and seeing his focus on being great, I started thinking about more.

So I started asking myself – what am I great at? One of my biggest downfalls is focusing on too many things at once.

Recently I had thoughts of launching a “high ticket sales program” or “how to start a side hustle and make your first $1K”.

Even though I’m good enough to be dangerous at these things, have I been doing these things long enough to be great?

I’m good at jiujitsu, but does that mean I can take on and hold my own against a black belt? No way.

If you dive into the history for most “experts”, they’ve maybe had 1-2 of experience… but does that really make you an expert?

Because you can solve a problem doesn’t make you an expert. And that’s something that’s lacking these days.

So I looked within myself and it’s investing. So I’ve been doubling down and focusing on building great things with great people for great people.

What I’m quitting –

1. Reading for pleasure

Right now I’m in a hustle mode. I’ve spent less time reading and more time implementing. If I do read, it’s for a purpose. Example? I read a copywriting book because I wanted to write killer headlines. And I don’t beat myself if I don’t read at all. It’s important to realize when you’re in these phases so you can prioritize the things that matter. Balance is in the extremes.

2. Hustle Life Academy

My Hustle Academy is on the back burner. I thought a lot about what Alex Becker was talking about and his focus on being great. While I can help people start their own side hustle, I want more experience… at least 5 years or ideally 10 years before I even open something up like this.

3. Working weekends

Since I double down on all my projects during the week, I need time to rest and recover. I’m doubling my output on the weekdays, so I completely turn off on the weekends. I allow my time to think, write, and be creative. I plan out processes, big ideas, and continue to write down my purpose on this planet.

How I’m challenging myself –

  • 48 Hour Fast: In the beginning of the week, I went on a 48 hour fast. At first, I was starving almost every hour. But by the second day, I felt the cognitive effects that everyone was raving about. I haven’t done one of these since the pharmacy days.
  • Dopamine Detox – I’ll be talking about this on my YouTube channel, but I did this to become uber productive. I quit watching porn and masturbation, uninstalled YouTube, and fast for 18 hours a day. By eliminating all the distractions in my life, there’s literally nothing to do beside focus on the key focus areas that make me happy.
  • 2x down on Kickass Investing: Rebuilt my the website and funnel for Kickass Investing on Kartra – I’m not a patient guy, especially when it comes to tech tools. So I forced myself to play around with it in the morning. And it’s safe to say I can build a solid website in about 10 minutes… not bad 😎
  • 2x output for my high ticket sales business – For the last two weeks, my closing partner and I have been the top 5 for profitability for our client. While I was reluctant to take on more work, I decided… Hell I need the extra reps. We’ll see how it pays off next week.


luvlove143: “How much do you think a private pharmacy owner can make?”

Keep in mind – I’ve never opened up a pharmacy so I’m not the best person to ask. I think the better questions to ask are:

  1. Is it still profitable to open up a pharmacy in 2020?
  2. How scalable is this business model – especially with PBMs, DIR fees, and clawbacks?

So I researched on Reddit and found the answer to be interesting:

I also asked my friend Jenny, who opened up her pharmacy not too long ago as well. She from what she’s telling me is killing it at the moment.

TLDR; It’s still possible to open up a pharmacy and this is business – there is no “set amount” you can make.

The real questions I would ask are –

  1. Why is starting up a pharmacy important to you?
  2. How is starting up a pharmacy going to get you to your goals?
  3. Do you have the right people, processes, tools, and leadership skills to start and scale a pharmacy in 2020?
  4. If not, what are those gaps and how are you going to fill in those gaps?