Recently I was really upset when I thought about a bullying incident that happened back when I was 11 years old. I was riding my bike to my friends house when some high school kids thought it was funny to stop me, put a kitchen knife to my neck and take my bike around till I begged for it back. I sat there thinking thoughts like, if I see them now I would beat their ass. They only did it because I was small. If my older friends were there, they would’ve got their ass kicked. Where do they live now? Should I find them and fuck them up? Why was I such a bitch? Why didn’t I fight back?

Then I realized several hours went by and I wasted so much time thinking about this bullshit. The guys now are all losers and live a broke meaningless existence. Why did I even care?

Do you guys ever lose yourself in thought like this?
If you do, I want you to really pay attention to the next paragraph.

We only have about 16 hours from the time you wake up till you go to bed. Pay attention to what you’re thinking about. Do you really want to waste time thinking of drama, things that make you angry, people who did you wrong? Or do you want to use your limited time on becoming a better person, sharpening your skills, strategizing ways to advance in your career. One will move you forward, one will just further piss you off while not helping you progress in anyway. What you decide to put in your mind is up to you. You control the thoughts, take ownership of the words going through your head and make sure you spend that brain energy on something that will help you instead of destroying you.

This week I want you guys to pay attention what goes inside your head. From the moment you wake up till you go to sleep. Pay close attention to what you’re talking to yourself about. Remind yourself to shut up when you begin thinking of drama.

Let’s feed our minds with good mentally healthy ideas… stay away from the junk.