I left my lunch in my car for 3 hours in 70 degree weather

It can’t be THAT bad right? Fuck it. YOLO. 

For anyone on macros, buying groceries, weighing ingredients, cooking, and cleaning can take up to 3 hours a week. I know… first world meal prep problems.

I didn’t want to bother with the hassle of recooking and thinking about what can fit my macros today. Plus thanks to my Cantonese family, I always felt guilty about throwing away food.

This was a dumbass idea.

Troi oi. SMH. 

Best place to get some deep thinking done

As I spent my whole day violently shitting, I was thinking about my life. I felt like shit. Here’s why…

  • Unproductive: I needed to workout, edit videos, and write blogs. Shit needed to get done, but there was no progress that day.
  • Unmotivated: Not only was nothing getting done, but I didn’t want to get off my ass… literally. I couldn’t stop shitting.
  • Self-doubt: I had doubts if I could ever break free from retail pharmacy, make Refugee Hustle grow, and really change people’s lives.
  • Weakness: Instead of feeling like a Refugee Hustler, I felt like a Refugee Bitch.

Negativity was creeping up on me and consuming my mind. This was so unlike me.

Have you ever had those days?

Sometimes we just wake up and just know it’s going to be a bad day. We don’t feel normal. Our energy is low. Negative emotions are just flowing through our veins. Maybe we get stuck in traffic, have a bad day at work, or even this…

Man’s best friend my ass.

It’s okay to feel this way… but eventually you have to get over it.

Instead of just forcing productivity, I spent these rest of the day chilling at the Korean spa, going over my carb macros, and sleeping for the rest of the day. It was great.

The next morning was a complete 180

Ace hood was right… Hustle Hard.

  • Productivity: That morning my productivity was over 9000. I woke up early, hit some heavy squats, took a long ass shower, edited some videos, strategized my week, and went to work at the pharmacy.
  • Motivation: Rather than focusing on I can’t do this, I was focused on how I could do everything. 
  • Self-confidence: Because of my kick ass productive morning, the small successes fueled the momentum for bigger accomplishments.
  • Empowerment: That positive energy was back. Everyday would be a better if I was willing to hustle hard enough for it.

It completely blew my mind. How I could make such a drastic shift in mindset and productivity within 24 hours? What was going on?

Health isn’t about six pack abs

When you think about health, what comes to mind? Salads. Weights. Bitches doing yoga.

What google thinks “health” is…

Fuck that. Being healthy isn’t about those things.

It’s about putting yourself in the environment to thrive both mentally and physically. Health allows you to be positive and productive.

You can have the best idea, but if your body is too tired or too weak, your ideas just stay ideas. Your body is the vehicle for your mind. Without health, your ideas don’t mean shit.

And then it hit me. So many of us say…

  • I’m not motivated…
  • I don’t know if I can do ____…
  • I know I should be positive, but I don’t know how…

Here’s the simple answer to get started.

Go for a walk. Go to the gym. Lift weights. Walk your dog. It doesn’t matter. Just get off your ass and do something.

Rise and grind

The small act of taking care of your health and respecting yourself will set you up for a healthy positive mindset and body. At the end of the day, how can you do great things if you’re not healthy?

So let me leave you with this… 

You don’t have to run a marathon or become an elite power lifter. What is one small step you can take care of your health?

You might not feel anything on the first day… but keep at it. These small steps help you accomplish the bigger things. If you can do one small thing right, imagine how many other things you can do right?

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Kevin Yee