Yesterday I spent 15 minutes debating an order of Thai food to the pharmacy.


One of the dangers of working near Thai Town

You heard me… it took me 15 minutes to make a $15 decision.

Where should I order? What should I order? Should I order this? It’s only $15… but FUCK. I should have meal prepped last night. This feels like a waste of money.

And you know what?

I ordered it and felt guilty. I know… It’s stupid. I was having buyers remorse over a $15 takeout meal. I was in college all over again.


Freshman year of college… 2006 -_-

And here’s the crazy part.

One hour later, I charged 1K to my AMEX for a copywriting course straight. Ballin. The hardest part was pulling my credit card out. I had no regrets… I actually felt great making the purchase.


The 1K purchase.


It took me ten seconds to pull on $1000 digital product, but over 15 minutes on $15 Thai food… What was going on?

Have you ever had those busy days when you felt like this…?

Fuck. I don’t want to think.

When you’re busy, simple tasks like ordering take out can be mentally draining, stressful, and exhausting. Whether simple or complex, every decision requires some cognitive effort. The crazy part is that most minor life decisions rarely affect our lives and waste our time.

First world problems

What if we could stop wasting time on minor decisions and focus on the decisions that would drastically change our lives?

This is the reason why Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg wore the same shirt everyday. They didn’t have to wake up and be like “what am I going to wear today”? They could focus on making Facebook or the next iPhone. They focused on what really mattered.

…So why didn’t I feel bad about the $1000 digital product?

I made the decision that education is the most important thing that will help me breakout of the pharmacy grind… Thai food? Not so much.

If I wanted a book or course, I would just buy it. Money would automatically be withdrawn every month for education. I wouldn’t think twice.

I’m not telling you to stop ordering your Gingerbread lattes or wear the shirt everyday… which is nasty by the way.

I want to ask you THIS…

What is one minor life decision that you constantly spend time thinking about?

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