Have you ever told yourself… I need to stop listening to my parents?

I was 20 years old.

Like most college students, I wanted to study abroad. It was competitive with over 100 students applying and only 20 spots.

But after 3 rounds of interviews, I finally got accepted to work at university in Hong Kong.


It was always my dream to study abroad.

Growing up I’ve always been embarrassed about my shitty Cantonese skills. Even though I’m pretty Asian culturally, people assumed that I was white washed.

It annoyed the fuck out of me, so I wanted to improve my Cantonese and fully immerse myself.


… and plus how many more opportunities would I have to travel away from home for 4 months?

Only problem? My dad.

“You shouldn’t go. It’s a waste of money. You’re not going to learn anything. Everything you need is right here at home. I’m not going to help or support you at all. I’m not letting you go.

It didn’t matter what I said, we just didn’t see the same thing. Then I asked myself…I’m 20 years old. Why the hell am I asking my dad to go to Hong Kong? 

I don’t need your help. I’m going no matter what.”


Don’t mind the yellow ass Air Force Ones

Maybe I was a “bad” Asian son for speaking up, but I knew this was the right decision. My friends and my mom supported me. The people supporting me were the people that mattered.

… even though my Canto sucked less coming back from Hong Kong

Traveling abroad was still one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

  • I over drafted my bank account on eating AYCE sushi so I read books on personal finance.

This Chino Scarface lookin ass

  • I was sick of crying over my ex so I read pickup books, approaching women, dating and just had fun at clubs.

I didn’t even buy that champagne. FAKE BALLER

  • I just wanted to make the most out of my trip so I did random shit

My first horse racing event

No lie. It’s scary to go against your parents, but if I just listened to my parents wouldn’t have experienced living in Hong Kong… something I’ll remember forever.

I fired my dad that day.

Looking back, my dad wasn’t a bad person; he was doing what he thought was best for me. I’m grateful for my parents getting me to where I am today.


If your parents disagree with you, realize 3 things…

  • Your parents mean well.
  • There comes a time when only you know what’s best for yourself.
  • You don’t need their support

Instead take responsibility and don’t half ass your own dreams, goals, and desires. Reparent yourself.


What sort of things that you want to do, but your parents disagree about? Leave a comment below.


PS… My experience in Hong Kong actually brought my dad and I closer. When I came back, I went from disorganized needy kid to an independent adult.


“I was wrong Kevin. Hong Kong was the best thing for you.”

and my dad never says he’s wrong.