Kevin here.

I’m 28

…and my Facebook feed is filled with babies, weddings, and houses. God. Cuffin season.


It’s been over 5 years ago since my last girlfriend.¬†Everyone in my family just has one question for me…¬†When are you getting married?

It’s funny how a lot of Asian parents expect us to to pop out grandkids right¬†after you put your hands on that degree.

mom and me graduation

…Oh yeah. Keep in mind during the first 26 years of your life, dating was out of the question.

no dating married

When I¬†finally graduated…

I hustled in school for 20 years and realized that my childhood, teenage, and college years were gone. Fuck.

But for the first time I actually had freedom… what was the rush? I wanted to do shit I wanted, play around, and go on adventures.


Back during my yolo adventures

I’m not about having a family, house, a wife and a girlfriend so early. Maybe I’m thinking about relationships the wrong way, but it’s more responsibility that I want.

It wasn’t always this way…

In the past,¬†I tried to be a ride or die boyfriend… spending time planning surprises and mudda bullshit adventures. They were the focus of my life.

…and I was pretty whipped and a beta bitch.


But things happen. Life happens. One of them cheated on me. The others didn’t feel the same way anymore. Looking back, I couldn’t¬†blame them. So they broke up with me.

It was hard… waking up everyday not knowing if things would ever feel better.¬†I spent a lot of time thinking, talking to friends, and crying like a little bitch.

crying drake

If anyone else is going through heartbreak, I feel your pain. But through all the bullshit, I realized that times like these are true tests of your character.

What I realized from being single

The breakups was traumatizing, but it opened my eyes.

I felt like I wasted time. Instead of focusing on someone who could potentially in my future, I invested time into¬†myself… someone I¬†was¬†stuck with for life. So why not invest in myself and make myself better?

Then I started thinking about¬†things I wanted to do… other than have a girlfriend.

I wanted to be an entrepreneur, travel to all the rap meccas, and build opportunities for everyone around me… including supporting my family when it came time.¬†

My family

Gotta take care of the fam

The great opportunity

If you are single, don’t stress.

Most likely you don’t have kids. Your parents are healthy and don’t need help. You have¬†very little obligations…¬†other than my school loans.

No kids

Just work on yourself. Instead of looking at it as the end of the world, try to look at it as a positive thing. You’re in a unique position where you have a lot more flexible time and you can focus on your own needs and do shit you want to do.

It’s a time where you can work on¬†yourself, character, and passion. It’s the best time to do what you want.¬†That’s why I choose to be single.

So go on that adventure, start that business, and do “nothing” on PornHub.


If you’re in your 20s, what are things that you want to accomplish? Let me know in the comments.¬†