Your environment can stop your addictions.

This study on addiction shows us how these crack addict rats react differently based upon their environment.


This one genius scientist wondered wait a minute why the hell are all these addiction studies done on rats in these jail like environments stuck in lonely ass cages? Ain’t it obvious their boredom is going to make them want to get drugged up? Theres nothing else to do!

So this smart motha fucker said what if we gave these rats a nice park, plenty of other rats to play and bone with, good crisp ass refreshing water, and maybe some basketball nah there wasn’t any basketball but what if we give them a very rich stimulating environment full of fun and see what the fuck happens?

We’ll the rats in the rat park was way less addicted than Rats in the cold lonely cage all by themselves.

But you know what they had to be for sure! So they were like…

“Fuck that, we’re going to get these rats addicted 57 days and then throw them in the rat park, if they’re totally cracked out beyond repair then what would happen?”

You know what happened?

As soon as they were in that rat park full of rat pussy and crystal clear crisp water, they stopped using drugs. The environment saved them!

Now I know most of you guys I’m talking to aren’t addicted to drugs, but I want to stress what I took away from this study. Environment is such a vital part to our well being. Sometimes all it takes is getting away from that negativity, wether its home, bad crowd, bad friends, bad school, we got to find a way to get away or control the situation or else we’ll turn out like a crack rat. We can change ourselves by changing our environment… regardless if you’re addicted to drinking, smoking, gambling or anything.

Its not you, its your cage.

Let’s change the quality of life, our environment, and what makes us feel trapped.