What are wealthy people are doing differently?

Kevin here.

The other day I was working off my computer at Groundworks Coffee in Hollywood. Awesome cold brews BTW.

If you’ve ever been to Hollywood, you’ve probably seen the Sunset and Vine building. It’s this clear glass building where you get a beautiful view of LA. Tons of ballers there.

…and then there’s the parts that TV doesn’t show. The massive amount of homeless people wandering the streets and asking for money. Shit. As I’m writing this, a homeless guy just stole bottles of cold brews. SMH.

Why are some people more wealthy than others? 

Money is important no doubt. It’s the difference between living on the street or in towers of Sunset and Vine. It’s more than just money… ISSA mindset.

Think about it. If they were to lose all their money overnight, do you think these people would “extreme coupon” their way to riches? Most likely not.

So today I’m going to reveal three common habits that I see in all “wealthy” people. … and trust. It has nothing to do with Lambo’s and bookcases in the Hollywood Hills.

Conquer the morning routine

Future lied to us. Most people don’t wake up in a new Buggati. Just like how you don’t wake up with a pharmacy degree or with a million dollar business overnight.

Success doesn’t just happen accidentally. It’s planned and intentional.

The purpose of a morning routine is to plan the morning so you can build momentum and focus on setting the intention for the day.

I’m absolutely in love with the Tim Ferriss show… especially his recent episode about morning routines. You’ll hear everything from Tony Robbin’s priming to meditation to working out and even making your bed.

Why is this important?

Most of us can probably relate to a time when we would just wake up without a routine and do what we felt like.

Back in college, I used to wake up around 3 PM and fall asleep in front of the TV watching Degrassi. My grades started tanking. I gained 40 lbs. When I woke up, I never felt like doing anything. I was stuck in a constant fog.

Eating froyo at 220 lbs -_-

“I know I should be doing ____… but honestly I don’t feel like doing anything”

Then the guilt sets in… and the depression cycle starts again. Can you relate?

It doesn’t matter what you do in the morning. Intent is most important.

Most people warmup for a workout because it primes you for optimal performance. When the blood flows then you can be a total boss.

…and you can’t do everything. My routine consists of…

  1. The morning pages as written in the Artist’s Way. (You can also google it.)
  2. Write in my Panda Planner for gratitude, scheduling, and focusing my day.
  3. Texting people I love that I’m thinking about them
  4. Showing my gratitude on my Instagram
  5. Drinking coffee and water
  6. Meditating for 10 minutes with the Calm app
  7. Yoga/lifting in the AM

Fuck making the bed. No one got time for that. 

Don’t be average

I have a YouTube channel where people ask me questions about pharmacy. Some of the most common questions I get is…

Also my friend Brian Fung ,who completed his PGY-1, PGY-2, board certified, and basically runs Mayo Clinic… AKA he has a big D, stayed over my place and introduced me too…

  • A PharmD/PhD who does health policy and teaches at a UC school
  • Brian’s co-resident who’s also a professor, specializes in critical care, and does digital marketing

What did I learn from these people?

If they were to lose their job, would they really worry about this? Probably not. 

Top performers have endless opportunities for business, relationships, etc… This is the key to a wealthy life.

Ten years ago in the pharmacy world, you could be average and stand out. But what happens when the field gets saturated and you’re just average? You get replaced.

What if you’re not good at anything? I don’t have a residency or a big D in pharmacy. I can’t compete academically against these people.

But there’s one thing I learned Tim Ferriss… Become an expert in an underrepresented field and create your own expertise.

For me, it was YouTube and pharmacy. What is yours? It’s more than just academic achievement and passion. It’s a vision to make the world a better place.

Rely on systems… not willpower

Willpower has always failed me in life. Whether it was just

  • Studying “harder” next time (whatever that means)
  • Setting a budget with your finances
  • Eat “healthier”

What eventually happens is that bad days happen. Working harder is not sustainable in the long run. How do we still get shit done?

Wealthy people have systems in place. They’re never stuck with wondering… What should do I need to worry about today? 

Here’s three ways to create systems to get shit done.

  1. Make it a habit
    • Mark Zuckerberg and his black shirts anyone?
  2. Use technology
    • Vanguard’s automated investing service
  3. Hire an assistant or service
    • Hiring a cleaner for housework

But let’s focus on money.

I automate my 95% of my investments. Why? I’m always investing rain or shine or when I don’t feel like it. Forget about micro-ing (this ain’t Starcraft). It just gets done.

For majority of my investments…

  1. Choose an ETF/index fund (my favorite is VFIAX from Vanguard)
  2. Calculate how much to invest on a weekly/monthly basis.
  3. Set and forget

Is it the most optimal solution to get the absolute best ROI?

No. But honestly 80% is better than 0%… especially with little/no effort.

Wealthy isn’t a tactic… ISSA mindset

The other day someone asked me… What is a rich life?  It’s going to be different for everyone. But most people never ask themselves that question.
I thought about what has brought me the most happiness. It was more than money. A rich life meant…
  • Growing a business that adds purpose to people’s lives
  • Visiting my friends and family and take care of the bill without blinking an eye
  • Visiting all the rap “mecca”s (NY, ATL, Chi-town, LA, etc…)
  • Working from coffee shops all over the world
  • Having enough time to lift, yoga, and MMA
  • Afford a thai massage everyday 🙂
…and that’s “true wealth”. Setting up tools and systems to create the life you want. Think about it like the “create your own adventure” books.
So even if you were to lose everything, you could take those same skills and come up. Anyone can be given a trust fund, but it’s the mindset helps you create one. 
So let’s recap. Wealthy people…
  1. Create a morning ritual
  2. Don’t settle for average
  3. Use systems… not willpower
…and there’s more.
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Until next time,

Kevin the Refugee